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15 Tasks that Businesses should hire freelancers for!
15 Tasks that Businesses should hire freelancers for!
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If you are a start-up, small business or a huge enterprise for that matter; the one thing you always want to minimize is hiring costs. Why would you want to build workstations for small time jobs? But thatdoes not mean you should be do everything by yourself either! I mean, yes, you are amazing and you could do it all. But just because you do not wish to invest so deeply in a less time taking task; does not mean your work should not be well invested into it either. Ahem. Professionalism?

Professional help is available on the Internet and it is just a click away. Jobs that require particular efficiency can be done if you hire freelancers. Virtual freelancer portals such as taskr.in have actually made recruiting freelancers a cake walk. For the businesses and the job seekers; for jobs that demand quality and not so much quantity; this is the best place to hire freelancers!

Let’s take a look at some of these freelancer specific jobs. Of course there are a bazillion more; but hey I get limited space here, okay.

1. Graphic Designing

This is not a job that can be done without professional help. Everything that a customer perceives in the first glimpse falls under this category. The business cards, brochures, merchandise, promo-flyers. You could have a designer who meets your requirements and understands your vision for the company. Basically this guy is your dream business’ interior designer. Hire him for the best look and feel you could give your website!

2. Logo Designing

This is one big deal. People judge you by what your business symbolizes. It’s important to get a great logo by hiring someone who understands the look you want. It will capture your vision statement with adeptness. With all the right colours, ideas, design; this is your business crest. Use it well!

3. Banner Designing

This is comparatively a different and more challenging job. In case of a banner, you need more than just illustrations and less than all your website content! You need an eye-capturing one big poster that clients can link to and not be bored with reading either. You might want to discuss every nook and cranny of your banner with a professional who will then turn it into an awe-inspiring business builder!

4. Presentation Design

When you are dealing with customers and selling them a new idea; they will not be glad to review a file featuring your ideas. Multimedia is the tool that grabs attention and attracts more fanfare from clients. You will want a presentation that describes your ideas and supports you running in the background while you deliver a nerve racking speech about the same. A pro in the game, would be a great tipoff for getting prospective clients.

5. Video Creation

In the dominating age of YouTube, online videos are the perfect element to amaze your clients. Videos are the perfect way to demonstrate ideas, invite people or just grab their attention. Hire freelancers to get eye-grabbing work done. A Video Production Expert can help you create professional, refined and graceful videos to up your start-up in seconds!

6. Content Writer

This person will literally be the voice of your business. You surely need someone to give you fresh content for your developing website, newsletters, flyers, merchandise, product descriptions everything. In fact marketing will require new, inspiring content every now and then. At the most inopportune timings, you will require a lot of important content; you might want someone professional to do the job. The need to hire freelancers should be a priority for any business.

7. Marketing Research

We all adore the market. Researching its ups and downs, does wonders to our growth. But hey, understanding customer satisfaction, product acceptance, service assessment in an area; is kind of too many strings for one you.Hire freelancers who are better at this job than you can manage by yourself.

8. SEO Services

Just because you are here, doesn’t imply everyone know you are here too. If you don’t show up in the search results; you are pretty much MIA to the world. Search Engine Optimization to start-ups is like a newspaper without images. Hire freelancers who do this work for your business to grow and glow (in the Google results)! Work with an SEO specialist who will propel your business with his search algorithms,driving sales, details of interested prospective clients, everything.

9. The Social Media Guru

Social media is directly proportional to how well we are doing in our business. The number of likes, shares, tweets; everything. And if we cannot effectively alleviate these tools for our own development then we need a strategy. And trust me when I say this, this needs a completely different set of tact in this field. This you can only get when you hire freelancers who are master assassins in this deal. Find a social media expert so that you develop the right face for all your (existing and to-be) clients.

10. Online Attorney

When I say hire freelancers I don’t only mean for the building of your enterprise. Preservation and running them is equally important. An online lawyer can help incorporating your business and managing the paperwork with it. You can avoid the law firm fees if you hire freelancers specializing in your industry!

11. Mobile App Developer

You know what is a business blunder? Losing a majority of your clients because they couldn’t access your work on their smartphones or iPhones. You need to hire freelancers to make your work mobile ready. Trust me, this will raise your revenue significantly. Plus if you have ideas that need building an iPhone app revolving around your enterprise and you just realized that you missed your JAVA lessons: Don’t you worry! Hire freelancers loaded with programming expertise; they will get it ready in no time!

12. Book keeper

I know the name sounds like a negligible job. But it isn’t really. You are aiming for financial finesse. The book keeper is your reliable online accountant who rescues you from that load of files declaring your monetary transactions. Hire freelancers for this task combined with accounting software and bingo! You get to monitor all your finances. In fact if you get the right person he could very well help you save money in the long run. Hire the guy with the fire! Though make sure you keep checks on who has the authority to transfer checks etc. too.

13. Website Development

This is a very important job. Hire freelancers who are web development professionals so that your website is organized, developed and managed with finesse. This ever-evolving field with trends and tensions spiking and falling; be in constant touch with the assistance of a good website development specialist.

14. E-commerce

This is where the revenue flows in. You might want your website all set to sell and grow! An e-commerce specialist (or portals like kartrocket.com) can help you get credit card, PayPal applications, inventory detailing and back end solutions all set to manage well.

15. Public Relations

There is a short stretch between keeping and losing valued customers. And that is called customer service. You need a person to manage and answer to customer needs, complaints or employee issues. An online media relations professional can help you construct and deliver an entire level of public relations. That also means you will be in direct access to media promotions in your company too.

So get ready to set your start-up Up and running by cutting your costs and assigning tasks to freelancers who could do your job for you in the blink of an eye!

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