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7 Branding Strategies to Build a Successful Brand
7 Branding Strategies to Build a Successful Brand
On : July 11th, 2014By :

You might be under the impression that brands are an established company’s indulges. But frankly, small businesses and individual freelancers need it more than you can actually imagine. When you are building your name in the market, you want to actually create a distinct identity for yourself. No matter how stunning your work is or how much finesse people spot in it; no one will hear about it unless you make an effort. And to create a buzz, you need to be noticed.

Once you show people who you are, make sure you give them reason to remember you. The quality that your clients perceive is what they will remember. Everything you do, you share, and you offer is how you carve the mark. And how you do it, who all you share it with and the branding strategies you apply behind your actions; that’s how deep your brand will find its marking.

So while we are at it; Let’s check out some branding strategies that will help you win over all your competitors.

1. The logo

This one is kind of obvious. People are best to relate to an image than to an entire idea or a theory. Although in the end the image points to the idea in their head, but on the front its easier to look at a familiar picture than a thought. Like the Android bot or the Apple symbol (funny, how I put them in the same sentence without fighting!) every image tells you a story and the dependability of the product.

2. Get That Visual Charm

While thinking about the imagery that effects the head; symbols and logos are not the only things. When I say Facebook you have the blue page with news about everyone scribbled all over it. Or Google and you can imagine the multi-coloured words inviting you to explore the world! Basically; you need the colour, the style, the words to all click with your work. This will get the clients to think of you and you alone when he wants some stuff done. No we don’t want an obsessed person over you.

3. Different is Better

When you start something new, it’s because you have something new in your mind. You have got to believe in the fact that what you are doing is different and better than others; which is why you are doing it. That is your USP. This is what you bank upon and work with adoring fans on its credibility. It could be something stunning like Twitter’s lingo restricting you to only 140 characters or to something trivial like Maggi’s reliability and universal taste!

4. What’s the Motto?

Definitions, definitions! So much work. But God, really? Who cares! Trust me, everyone does. Actions speak louder than words, but only after you are given the chance to act. And words give your work life more than you can imagine. You have got to fit in your vision, aspiration, ambition all into a straight sentence that will tell users how you will benefit them. No silly technicalities or specifications, just plain simple what you do and how you want to do it.

5. Consistency is the Key

Yeah. This is the tip at the bakery too with the cake and all. But this is your business, your kingdom. And you want to firmly step to a pedestal and say that you do what you promise people to do. That is how people choose you. If you present your brand in an unswerving fashion; you establish a very successful image. It encourages your audience to interact more with you, because you make them feel assured.

6. Identify Who You Want to Deal With

This is one really important thing to bear in mind. If you are a book selling brand, it would do you no good to keep spamming people who never shop for books. Contrary to getting customers, you might lose eager to-be clients with bad publicity from the people who didn’t want to deal with you. Interact with only target clients. Defining this exact base increases your cost efficiency (and saves you time). Or if you have quite some marketing resources; go for it and publicize wildly! Until then, my suggestion would be to target potential clients who you have interacted before with. Or who are more likely to buy your stuff.

7. Remind Them Who You Are

No brand establishes overnight. It’s not like you get imprinted in people’s head just after they read/ heard about you once. But I don’t want you to go badgering them into dialling with you either! Just make sure you subtly remind them of your existence (and awesomeness). Like add the company name, logo and slogan in the footnote of your emails or business cards. Plus you can give away some merchandize to rather frequent clients, just to make them deal with you more!

So happy tasking towards making the next big brand we would hear about!

2 thoughts on “7 Branding Strategies to Build a Successful Brand

  1. Maissouna says:

    Get Facebook Likes for Page/Blog

    It will really play effective roll if anyone foolw these 7 steps.

  2. shivyagupta says:

    These steps should be followed by any entrepreneur in starting and building their own brand from scratch. These are some very important things that people tend to forget on their way to achieving their dream..

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