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Be your own Boss. Create your own future!
Be your own Boss. Create your own future!
On : May 9th, 2014By : Taskr.in

This article is being typed in a really cool cafeteria, sipping coffee and listening to the iplayer. There is no one showering instructions about what is to be done time and again. And to top it all, the article is being typed by someone who simply loves blogging and enjoys the activity completely! Jealous yet? Are you also somebody who is stuck in a 9- 5 cubicle rut! Do you wish to be your own master, where there is no boss breathing down your neck! Maybe you should consider freelancing!

Why should you start freelancing?

1. Flexible work hours

The foremost benefit of freelancing is that you can work whenever you wish to! You get to create your own work hours, whether its early in the morning or late at nights and fit work around your personal life! There is no wake up alarm , or any reporting machine to be punched at office or moreover no daily commute filled up with hourly jams. All you do is roll out of bed, put your slippers and head towards the computer.

2.Control over the work and the people

When you work for someone else, you are unable to chose the kind of work you want to perform. You also can’t decide the people or the clients you have to work with. But as a freelancer, you network with people of your wish, keep the happy clients and do what you love doing most!

3. Work wherever you want

We all know the monotony that comes with working in a mundane office in one place itself. You can step out of your dreary lifestyle and work on a vacation in Spain, in a library, on a beach, in a restaurant, work where you work best!

4. You work for yourself

When you are an entrepreneur, the biggest motivation is that you are working for yourself! You get to keep all the profits of the efforts put in by you. This gives you the freedom to use all the profits in expanding your own scale of business.

Are you wondering how much you can earn being an entrepreneur working on your own terms?? An interesting fact arrived at in a study by author Michael Port shows that ‘Full-time independent contractors earn an average of 15% more than their employee counterparts’

Hope this gives you an insight into the world of freelancing. Join us on Taskr and travel the journey of working differently with us!

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