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Changing the Work Economy Rs. 500 at a time
Changing the Work Economy Rs. 500 at a time
On : June 3rd, 2014By : Taskr.in

Gone are the days when people worldwide would live each day in the same monotonous and redundant manner commuting to office, punching in 9-5 working hours, commuting back home and mentally programming their minds to follow the precise same process the next day as well. In today’s current scenario, with umpteen businessmen looking to outsource their work and hire contractors to do a good quality job, several doors are thereby opened for every professional who has the talent and expertise to assist these entrepreneurs in accomplishing their tasks. There are definitely fresh ways for people across the world to earn money on their personal terms.

What is Taskr??

Taskr wishes to create a work community aiming to connect freelancers looking to provide services with businessmen and SME’s looking to outsource and assign tasks to talented professionals. We wish to introduce the concept of micro-services that can be offered and availed at a base price starting from Rs. 500!

So the 2 questions being posed in front of the community of Taskr users would be:

1. As a freelancer : What would you offer for Rs. 500 ??
2. As a businessman : What service will I get for Rs. 500??

If you are wondering about the above, read on!


I bet this is the first thought that crosses most of the freelancers minds who are looking out for an extra opportunity to make money. Why should you give this a second thought? How will it benefit you? What good could come out by registering your service on Taskr?

1. Beginning of something big

Taskr is a simple website where you can basically post tasks for Rs. 500. Taskr takes 20% commission and you get the remaining Rs. 400. A lot of potential sellers are discouraged by the revenue amount, but if you are patient enough to give it a try, you will find that you can easily earn more than Rs. 400 from Taskr. It might sound like a waste of time since you only get Rs. 400 for a service, but the traffic generated on Taskr can quickly turn your Rs.400 into lacs per month.

2. Multiple task posting

Are you multi-talented and wish to offer more services. Well, there is no restriction on the number of tasks that you can post on Taskr.in, thereby offering services in different domains.

3. Extra service offering

You can also offer task extras i.e. you can offer extra services in multiples of Rs. 500 beyond the basic Rs. 500 offering. You can offer expanded services for buyers who are willing to pay a little extra for the myriad services offered by you.

Example of posting a task

You are a graphic designer offering several services in Logo Designing, Banner Designing, Video Creation and so on.

Post a Task
I will create 2 concept banners for your website / Facebook / Twitter in Rs. 500 /Rs. 1000 (Base Price)

Task Extras
I will create 4 more banners for you for extra Rs. 2000.

You can create multiple tasks similarly for logo designing, business cards, video creation etc.

4. Fixed Prices

Since the prices are fixed in advance, negotiating with clients is not required. At the end of the day, if the buyer purchases your service, you would get the pre-decided price in hand.

5. Free Registration

What do you lose if this does not work out for you? Nothing! Taskr doesn’t charge you anything for registering and listing your services. You only benefit from free traffic visiting your task and getting to know about your talent!

6. Encouraging youth

Taskr invites everyone from students to college goers who are extremely talented at their work and wish to earn an extra buck with their expertise. At Taskr, we wish to give every kid the platform to earn money at an early age and understand the hardships, discipline and effort that goes into making a living.

Students can save money to repay their education loans. It is essentially a place where individuals who do not think they can pass for professional freelancers are able to use their skills to make money, which they otherwise would not be paid for in the business world.

7. Creation of Jobs

The ultimate vision of Taskr is to create a marketplace where people can start small but take this hobby and create a business out of it!! We wish to create a place that not only can caters to people who are already offering their services but really to create jobs for people.

So after reading the above, do you believe that selling services for Rs. 500 can really provide a sustainable income for an average person responsible for monthly bills like rent, groceries and even health insurance? It definitely can by delivering quality services, receiving good feedback and ratings from buyers and converting the same into more business.



1. Less hassle in getting a task done

Are you troubled by creating a chart from Microsoft Office to Excel? Want to get a banner designed for your social media platform? Want to get catchy product titles and descriptions written for your online catalogue? These tasks are too small to hire a separate employee or contractor, but at the same time too large enough to be annoying and time-consuming!
Taskr comes handy at this point of time! You can actually assign these tasks to talented freelancers who are willing to offer micro-services for your business.

2. Gamut of services offered

There is no limit to the services people are offering for a flat rate of Rs. 500 on Taskr.in. Right from graphic designing, copywriting, online marketing, business consultation, legal consultation, marketing aids, photography, data entry to website design. You name it, and our freelancers would be offering the same!
If you are planning to launch your business or are running an existing organization, you should definitely consider Taskr to aid in your growth.

3. Fixed prices, elimination of negotiation process

Taskr makes the process of assigning a task to a freelancer for a small work much easier. Other outsourcing sites like Freelancer, Odesk may offer a similar service, but there are biddings involved before a task is successfully granted to the winning bidder. On Taskr, every task has a fixed price of Rs. 500, regardless of its nature.

4. Comparison of similar tasks is easy

Since, all the services are offered in the parameters of Rs. 500 and multiples of Rs. 500, it is very simply for a buyer to actually compare the services being offered by multiple sellers.

5. Quality work assured at economical prices

Buyers can order tasks based on seller rating and reviews. Thus, you can be rest assured that the services you are availing would be of good quality at the most reasonable prices.
Also, Taskr screens the services listed on our marketplace and continuously monitors the performance delivery of our sellers.

6. Contacting the seller

Taskr gives you the opportunity to connect with the seller, have a conversation with him and explain your requirement in detail with the service provider. You can actually track the sellers progress by getting in touch with him periodically till the service is delivered.

7. Payment Security

We put customer service first, noting that on the rare occasion when a transaction is not delivered on time, or the seller has not delivered as per buyer’s requirement, Taskr’s customer support would help in resolving the problem at hand. There are also a lot of measures in place to make sure that you are not ripped off and that you get value for your money.

Thus, the Taskr economy would act as a win-win situation for freelancers and businessmen where great work can be done differently.

“A lot of creative people don’t have a creative outlet, that too one which pays. Taskr provides the same to every artist out there”

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