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Common Website Design Mistakes To Avoid On Your Site
Common Website Design Mistakes To Avoid On Your Site
On : October 13th, 2014By : Taskr.in

When a web designer creates a website for any company, there are so many intricate attributes that he needs to make sure that his website possesses, or things that he needs to eradicate from the structure of the website altogether in order to avoid any form of common website design mistakes.

Through this write up, we would like to throw some light on the common website design mistakes that unknowingly are a part of the website that web developers and designers make.

1. Assuming Your Design Shall Fit All Screen Sizes

Designers, who perform their work through Photoshop or any other graphic tool, design for particular breakpoints in their natural flow of work. These screen widths might cover a lot of devices, but they will not always support all. With a variety of devices in the market now, it is extremely difficult to design for everything. Foresightedness and proper planning can provide the best results to your design. Make sure to always test on your devices that are in your access. Most of the designs can be taken care of in a graphic editor, much of it will be designed inside the browser once this stage is reached.

2. Overuse Of Animations Or Effects

Many websites provide a breathtaking experience. Some offer unique animations while others offer remarkable content. The real secret to proper web design is to combine both of these principles in the most efficient manner. Many websites strive to impress the user so much that they forget about why the user came to the website in the first place.

Popular animations can possibly get in the way of the actual experience like elements fading in, up, down, around, etc. Making use of these treatments can definitely add to your experience but one should be cautious when implementing them into your projects.

3. Non-User Friendly Navigation – common website design mistakes To Get Rid Of

Navigation is a key constituent owing to the functionality of any website. Designers must find a way to make the experience most natural for the user to navigate across a website with utmost ease. A good website designer avoids common website design mistakes by providing a friendly user experience. If the user experience is poor, the user will become frustrated and might not ever visit the website again.

4. Striking a balance between design and content

Users make proper use of every website they visit to assimilate the data of their choice. If the user can’t retrieve the information they require due to a bad experience, they obviously move on to another source of information. People want fast results, which is a huge reason why the internet is so humongous and so influential.

5. Complicated and lengthy registration forms

Gone are the days when people had to fill in a zillion mandatory details to get themselves registered on a website. Nowadays, people do not have the patience to go through a series of forms and valid credentials in order to make sure they are being registered on the website. Make sure your form is crisp, to the point and requires only the most required of information from the user.

There are many other common website design mistakes that a web developer can make while creating his website. However, it is always advised that they should test for errors before launching. Also, inviting wise suggestions from experienced developers and test browsing from paid users can also highlight possible glitches on the website.

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