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Freelancers and their creative blocks – how to deal with them!
Freelancers and their creative blocks  – how to deal with them!
On : October 17th, 2014By : Taskr.in

For a professional in the

creative field, a creative block is not only frustrating but also disheartening many a times. However, these creative blocks are also of different kinds and forms and need to be dealt in various manners with a problem solving approach. One wouldn’t want their creative block to be a potential career damaging factor. The question that arises is “Where is my inspiration when I need it the most?”

Here are a few manners through which you can leap through the stagnant phase of your creative block:

Redefine Your Problem

Looking at your problem through an unfamiliar angle could help you look at it through a different perspective. Try to see whether changing perceptions can change the way you yield a solution for it.

Look For Patterns

Looking for patterns amidst your creative blocks can help you thrash out as to what exactly might be triggering the dead end in your creativity.

Talk Through The Creative Block – Take A Break

Sometimes the best way to conquer your creative block is with some breathing space that you provide yourself. For instance, go for a walk or distance yourself from your workstation. You could possibly think things through while a peaceful nature walks. Spend some quality time with yourself over a cup of coffee. They say ‘A problem shared is a problem halved’. Take a break, share it with yourself or your loved ones. You might just find an answer.

Keep Your Plate Full

Maybe, you are much more than required. The apprehension of failure is making you keep the flow of work increased. Try to ease yourself and not pressurize to a limit that makes you hit a dead end altogether.

Ask Yourself Questions

The core of every design or creative product is the breakdown of all constraints that were dealt with before the stroke of the pen or click. Ask yourself, “Whom am I aiming at with this design?” or “What would my target audience desire?” or “How do other creatives deal with such creative blocks?”

Realization: Struggle Comes Along With Great Results

It is important for every creative professional to keep in mind that the best of outcomes arise by virtue of the most humungous of struggles. Spending countless hours on a project, but innovations and improvisations yielding less predictable results. Look at your creative dead end as a prospect or as an opportunity to evaluate yourself again and come up with something unique.

Realize Again: Creative Blocks Are NORMAL

It always ends up being a fight with yourself “It’s just me!”, or a question asked repeatedly, “Why me?” But it is very important to understand that it is absolutely normal and common to feel this way.

Alter Your Work Habits

Have you made sure whether your working habits are compatible with your creative modes? Maybe you are working too late or too early, maybe too less maybe too much? Maybe you don’t have much stimulating factors to give you the creative drive. Take a thorough look at how you are working. Conduct and implement a new strategy to work, it might just work for you!

Are You Overwhelmed? Tone Down!

A creative block can be because of having too much on your platter as well. You might have too many assignments, too much to deliver or fulfill. There might be a case where you are overwhelmed by the quantity of demands and information coming your way. Start saying no. Focus more on doing jobs rather than getting them. Do not let demands come in the way of your work time. Structure your work timings as well.

Understand that having a creative block isn’t a bad thing. Not dealing with one in the right manner is! So, keep working and keep creating thoseFreelancers and their creative blocks – how to deal with them!

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