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Featured Taskr of the Week: Rakesh Mill
Featured Taskr of the Week: Rakesh Mill
On : November 6th, 2014By : Taskr.in

Our Featured Taskr of the Week is Rakesh Mill. He shares his experience as a freelance graphic designer with Taskr, the things that makes him happy, the challenges he faced as a freelancer and much more.

Tell Us About Yourself?

I am Rakesh Mill. I have 5 years experience as a graphic designer (Corporate Branding, Advertisement, Packaging Designing). Also, I have 1 years of experience in Website Design. Right now, I am working as a graphic freelancer in Delhi.

Why And When Did You Start Freelancing?

I start freelancing 2 years back, taking up offline & online Advertisement, packaging and corporate Branding Type projects. Today, I have over 300+ clients.

What Are The Things That Make You Happy As A Freelancer?

When my clients are happy and appreciate my work, this really makes me happy as a freelancer.

What Is The Most Challenging Thing In Freelancing?

I would say, client satisfaction.

What Does It Take To Be A Successful Freelancer?

Good Quality work and client satisfaction is a secret for successful freelancing.

How Did You Get To Know About Taskr? What Are The Services You Are Offering On Taskr?

I came to know about Taskr from my friend and I am really thankful to him for this. Taskr provides the best platform for freelancers like us to get good work. It is secure for us as well as the clients. About the services I provide on task is graphic design services like logo designing, stationary designing, brochure designing, flyer designer, advertisements (both offline and online), banner designing, etc.

What Do You Think About The New Style Of Working On Taskr?

One word, it’s awesome!

How Is Your Experience Being Associated With Taskr As A ‘Taskr Freelancer’?

Working with Taskr as a freelancer has been a great experience.

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