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I will be an ASSET as Customer Support/ Email Marketing Virtual Assistant/ Chat Support

I have excellent writing skills and good ideas that\’s why I can attract people to open their emails for the subject alone. Once they opened and read the email, I can rest assure you that they are going to respond. I\’ve started writing articles since high school and it has been my passion since then. I can say that I am an expert in this field especially in Marketing. I have founded an International NGO virtually and have funded it just by social networking. Done a lot of projects for this NGO because of my writing skills and great ideas. Until now, I still act as a part time Consultant for that NGO. I need to have income because my children\’s needs are growing, that\’s why I have to find a high paying job because I do not get paid for that NGO as it is just a pro bono job. I do it out of passion and compassion. I work with integrity and dedication and I deliver on time. Rest assured that once hired, I will be an ASSET to the employer.

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