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I will create awesome Powerpoint presentations for you

Are you stuck with just words and unable to visualize? Do you want to transform words into an attractive presentation?

Here are some things I can do:

Raw material with images and you would get your presentation ready within 24-36 hours for 10 slides.

Raw material without images. I would search for relevant visually attractive images for you and send the presentation back to you within 48-60 hours for 10 slides.

Only concept, and no raw material but you have a topic* (which is something I am good at), I can do a research and create a presentation back to you! Max slides – Up to 15 within 5 days or 1 week.
In case, there are more slides required, do let me know before I begin to work on your project. Slides can be revised twice. A PDF file may be provided whenever required.

*When there is no raw material, the topic should be something that I know. I can create materials for healthcare, lifestyle, and other topics, except finance, technology, and related subjects.
Here are my charges for the presentation:
Level 1: 300-500 per slide
Level 2: 150-250 per slide
Level 3: 100-130 per slide

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