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Are These Logo Design Mistakes Taking A Toll On Your Brand
Are These Logo Design Mistakes Taking A Toll On Your Brand
On : December 2nd, 2014By : Taskr.in

Many startup owners make a mistake of not taking their company logo seriously. Many of them live in a myth that logo is not essential for their startup in earlier stages. On the contrary, company logo should be designed even before you have setup your website. A logo helps to create a unique brand of your company. Also, it adds a sense of professionalism and company values.

For many customers, the trust on your product is determined by the logo. For example, if you see a Nike logo on shoes, you automatically get an idea about its quality. This way, you don’t even mind spending a bit more. Despite of huge need of a subtle logo, many get this part incorrectly. Especially the startup companies ignore the need of a good, clear and unique logo. No matter whether you are a graphic designer or a business owner, ensure that you avoid these logo design mistakes.

1) Unclear About The Client’s Need

As a graphic designer, you should have a clear understanding of what your client wants. Having this clarity will help you design exactly what the client has demanded. In case you are the entrepreneur, make sure you have an idea about what you want. If not, then discuss the logo idea with your graphic designer.

2) Going With The Ongoing Trends

When you are going for logo design, make sure that you don’t repeat what others are doing. A logo is a unique identification of your company, ensures that it is unique and truly represents the nature of your business. Copying your competitors or blindly following the ongoing trend will make your logo look unethical as well as downright stupid. Unfortunately, if you get caught, then it will mark a permanent black mark on your brand.

3) Including The Context

Another most common logo design mistakes that many designers make is that they ignore the context. Make sure that the design of the logo is adaptable to any context like analog as well as digital. Remember that you are not creating logo only for the website, but also in other mediums like business cards, corporate gifts, T-shirts, etc.

4) Too Much Color

You must be aware that color represents a mood and idea. Keep all these things in mind while designing a logo. Bad color combination or too much color combinations is a big logo design mistakes that can make it too complex and difficult to interpret. Restrict yourself to 1-2 colors, unless you have a story to tell.

5) Poor Font Choice

Just remember one rule while designing a logo, keep it simple but not simplistic. Overly fancy and complicated fonts can easily lead to misinterpretation of the message that you want to convey through your logo. There are an unlimited number of fonts and typos available on the internet. Do some research and choose the best for your logo.

Take Feedback to Avoid Logo Design Mistakes

After you are done with designing the logo, make sure that you take feedback from multiple people. Keep that feedback in mind and make the necessary changes. A logo is a representation of your logos and services. A bad logo gives a wrong impression on your business. Make sure that you get an amazing logo to make the best impression.

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