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Some Myth Busters and SEO tips to get a top rank in 2014
Some Myth Busters and SEO tips to get a top rank in 2014
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This is one long stairway to heaven. Trust me, Search Engine Optimization is one complicated necessary evil! And entrepreneurs have it worst. It is like without the right SEO tips your work is non-existent. I am not even exaggerating. As a businessman; your enterprise has only one way to recognition; or even being known to people: SEO awesomeness! But some people live under a few wrongly learned illusionary SEO tips which are not helpful in getting the business rising!

Let’s go 2014 Myth Buster on the top 5 falsely propagating SEO tips in the marketing world.

SEO tips

Myth 1: It’s all about tricking search engines

When IT people want to accomplish something; they go for finding loopholes in the system. You know, looking for ways to fool the search engines in showing your site up in the results. Like saturating the webpage with keywords camouflaging the font colour with the background color. Or creating keyword saturated divisions with a low z-index.  In the earlier days, these tricks would’ve been worth the try. But now the search engines are smarter and they may penalize you for such useless cheating attempts. Instead of trying to come up with a cheat code (usually ineffective) just build your site like a boss with great content, tags and coding!

Myth 2: Every link is a good link

SEO tips always include something or the other about links; so obviously the more the links the better off we are, right? Not true really. Unfortunately every link has a different value. Search engines rank your website by adding the value of every individual link. If your profile is guilty of low value, low trust links, then search engines will assume that your website is also low trust and rank it accordingly. So ink out to high-authority sites and get them to link to you! Quality over quantity, fellas.

Myth 3: Exact-match keywords are no longer the point

So like the sound of this or not? Well, I bet if you are not an old SEO pro believing in the traditional school of SEO thought, then you should heave a sigh of relief!Well, experts who used to specialize in keyword research and people who were once amazing at getting inbound links with keyword-rich anchor text are the very people who no longer have an edge on you, where organic traffic is concerned.

Myth 4: Keyword Overload is great for business

Yes, keywords are so important; how about I stuff them all in my work? That gives me a better shot at making the rank, right? Stuff too much and you might find it, I don’t think anywhere on the search engine results! First off; you get penalized for long tail keywords like “Amish Tripathi Shiva Trilogy book available”. Secondly, if there is not enough content and only swimming keywords then the post is going down for sure! In a nutshell; yes to keywords but hey less is more okay! Don’t overdo the make-up if you don’t want to be a clown!

Myth 5: Meta tags give a higher ranking

Hey, did you sleep for a few decades? Because SEO tips clearly state that as of now; Meta Keywords and Meta Description tags are not used at all for ranking web search results. We use them today because if you include relevant keywords with them; you get people to click on your links. But frankly in SEO world; they are quite passé. In fact, competitors can steal off valuable keywords from your work with Meta Keywords! So be careful really.

Well so many bubbles burst; it’s time to understand the right SEO tips to excel! So to help you recover from these old myths lets seek the new better SEO tips!

SEO tips

1. Web Analytics From Day 0

You know you need them. To materialize your SEO goals you need web analytics software in place so you can track what’s working and what’s not. So why delay the process? Hire one in the beginning and keep them updated about all your SEO work so that they can be the devil’s advocate and help you get everything right from the beginning. Here are a few SEO tips that you probably don’t know yet or maybe do; but at least you’ll know what to do entrepreneurs!

2. Make SEO friendly URLs

This is like combining the coding with the content. As in double chocolate frappe! Put in keywords in your URLs, domain names and file names! But don’t get too carried away. Make sure they are not too long because they are not relative in the code. It also looks suspicious if there is too much hyphen involved. But don’t act very smart and insist on using underscores please. Hyphens still get treated as spaces in your SEO ranking; underscores not so.

3. Content keeps them all content

If you have a beautiful code but not content and text; you my friend have a failed end result. See, one line did that heart sink thing here; content is a powerful tool! Yes you want to loads it with links, keywords, tags and what not! But remember when you are under the user’s roving eye; the text is what will make connection! All the SEO tips will be futile if the user doesn’t like what he is viewing after all. So keep it simple, silly.

4. Keywords shall be your anchor

Again quite literally here! The web crawlers that do the SEO rounds refer to anchor text so that they can recognize what the linked-to page is about. The “okay” and “click here” is a very silly thing to do for Search Engine Optimization. Be smarter and cleverer if you want to keep running this race! Or for that matter; intend to win it.

5. Primary Keyword is the key

The latest trend to get that site of yours on the 1st page of Google would be to use 1 primary keyword! Follow the same with brilliant content that would be shared across the viewers! Also, Instead of using the exact keyword in the url, meta titles, meta descriptions, page content etc. you can freely use synonyms of the keyword in the content. Half your battle of organic traffic is won!

6. Social Media Marketing is extremely powerful

This is a very important point to take note of. Make use of the portals like Facebook or Twitter. But don’t stop there! Instagram if you have a visual impact and great photographs. Quora questions are really famous nowadays if you are a business or software based. Step out as a pro to people and watch your sales grow! But whatever you do; do not SPAM! You don’t want them mad; just interested please!

Also, if you wish to get an in-depth understanding of SEO, you can go through the SEO beginners guide.

On an ending note; have fun playing the SEO game. Because this may be real hard work now but it’s so rewarding to be recognized on the top 3 rankings; that you will feel it’s totally worth it. Go for it! Now go impress those crawling web spiders!

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