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Retain Customers with Effective Email Marketing Strategy
Retain Customers with Effective Email Marketing Strategy
On : December 5th, 2014By : Taskr.in

Building and retaining customers are one of the most tricky business that every entrepreneur has to focus. For any business, its customer is its testament. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a connection with customers so that they don’t forget you and keep coming again and again. For this, email marketing is a powerful tool that will surely help in customer retention. However, to target your audience correctly, you need to follow some email marketing strategy.

Personalization is the need of the hour. That is the reason that every business wants to personally connect with their customers. Many reports have even come to a conclusion that emails give 40x more ROI than any other marketing tool. This is because every user checks their emails many times a day. Also, you get a private environment, which is not even available in social media.

If you are looking forward to stay connected with your customers and entices them to come back again and again, then check out the major email marketing strategy. Know when you should send emails and what should be the content in those emails for maximum ROI.

1) Welcome MailsAs a user, even you must have noticed welcome mails that companies send to welcome you to their website. You can similarly mail your clients as soon as they become a part of your business, be it through subscription or sales. You can give a series of Welcome mails, which also includes some important or interesting emails that helps in engagement.

2) Cart Abandonment: An Effective Email Marketing Strategy

One of the most important and successful email marketing strategy is to reverse the cart abandonment. If you have noticed any visitors did not complete the checkout process, then you should send a reminder mail about the abandoned cart. This kind of mails has more than 60% success in shopping cart recovery. Make sure you sent the first mail as soon as they abandon the cart. If it is still left abandoned, then you can send an email with certain offer or discount to force them come back and complete the checkout process.

3) Post Purchase

Remember the rule of ecommerce business; Never forget your customer, neither let them forget you. This goes even after they have purchased products from your ecommerce store. If your customer is purchasing products on a regular interval, then well and good. Otherwise, keep them sending reminder mails. You can send them mails about new products or any other blog that they might find interesting.

4) Informing Customers

You can use the email tool to inform customers about changed policies, terms & conditions or announcing about any new products, offers, discounts. This email marketing strategy will help you directly communicate with your customer, even if they don’t visit your website.

5) Gather feedback or survey

Know what customers feel about your products and company. You can gather feedback or do a survey, which will help you know about the costs, shipping, packaging, product quality and much more, it will inform you about any scope of change.

6) Newsletter

Weekly or monthly newsletter is one of the great email marketing strategy that will help your customer updated about your company’s its products or any news about the industry. Prepare a personalized newsletter that will help build connection with your brand. You can indirectly add the sales content by keeping them an overview of new products or most purchased products in previous month or week.

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