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The Road to Hire Freelancers! Explore The Taskr Portal!
The Road to Hire Freelancers! Explore The Taskr Portal!
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You know what to do when you want something? You go get it! And if you are looking to hire freelancers for tasks and are worried sick how to find them; you just found the right place! Taskr.in is the perfect web portal for businessmen to hire freelancers for their enterprise!Let’s take a tour guide to navigate this portal full of opportunities and freelancers.

The first thing you do when you see the first page is the choice to either post freelance projects or to hire freelancers. Of course, whichever road you wish to travel; well it’ll decide which article to read really. If you are in the former, you have to sign up and give us details about your work. More on that when I am writing for freelancers! But if you are here to hire freelancers for your business, your journey has merely begun, traveller!

As you scroll down, the various categories decorate the web page. Swiftly browse through all the categories available. Ranging from graphic designing to mobile app development; pick the one you were looking for! Click on the task.

Check the task description. Make sure it is specific to your requirement. Hey, you don’t want to blame the world if you end up with a new HTML design for your website instead of a featured logo design! Whoops!But oh no, don’t stop there.

Just like you need to know who you are working with in your office, before you hire them; you need to read and understand the profile of your to-be client.

In order to help you get the best client; Taskr features a feedback reputation based level system. Next thing to do;click on the freelancer to get insight into his work till date. There are three levels to be allotted to the guys: “Level 1”, “Level 2” and “Top Rated Seller”. Look that up well. And that’s not all.
You can check the task rating, buyer feedback, reviews; basically the credibility of the seller is right in front of you. So you can check the number of buyers and visitors, seller rating before buying the task; everything. And these ratings are all from other businessmen; so they’re real and not twisted at all!

Entrepreneurs: divided by sales growth, united by need for hiring best freelancers!

Also when you finally zero in on the person you are looking for, taskr lets you communicate with them on a chat platform where the conversation for future prospects is made clear! You can easily tell the freelancer your exact specifications as per your requirement. And then, right on the promised date, bam: that task you wanted done with the professionalism icing on top!

So what if you purchase the task in advance, and the freelancer doesn’t execute your task, or does not deliver as per his task specifications! Have they run away with your money?? Well, no worries in that space! Taskr retains your amount till the time the seller delivers your order successfully. Only after you are satisfied and accept the order delivered, we transfer the balance to the sellers account. In case the seller does not do the task, the amount gets refunded to your virtual balance that could be used for another purchase. We will not let you leave our community without having a pleasant experience.

But wait, you want a content writer too, now? Start off with categories and find your way to a perfect task, with zero hustle, in no time! Guess this road taken will be your stairway to heavenly success after all!

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