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Are you stuck with words and unable to visualize? Do you want to transform words into an attractive presentation? Here are some things I can do:

1. Raw material with images and you would get your presentation ready within 24-36 hours for 10 slides.

2. Raw material without images. I would search for relevant visually attractive images for you and send the presentation back to you within 48-60 hours for 10 slides.

3. Only concept and no raw material but you have a topic. I can do a research and create presentation back to you! Up to 15 slides within 5 days or 1 week.

In case, there are more slides required. do let me know before I begin to work on your project, Slides can be revised and twice. A PDF file may be provided whenever required.

When there is no raw material, the topic should be something that I know. I can create materials for healthcare, lifestyle and other topics, except finance, technology, and related subjects,

Here are my charges for the presentation:
Level 1: 300-500 per slide
Level 2: 150-250 per slide
Level 3: 100-130 per slide

by Writerright     From: IN     Joined: 2972 days, 3 hours, 9 min     Delivery: 3 days

I am a freelance writer and editor with many years of diverse experience. I specialize in adapting my writing to desired voices and writing styles. I have written for newspapers, national consumer magazines, local magazines, online news outlets, and a number of other clients. I have edited books for publication and have prepared projects as a ghostwriter and consultant. I enjoy working on projects that are new to me, and am especially effective working with narratives and with fiction, as I have a particular focus and background in theatre and playwriting.

by Gwmercure     From: US     Joined: 3083 days, 17 hours, 14 min     Delivery: 5 days

Need to give your forum a boost? You've come to the right place. We specialize in content creation for forums, online communities, and message boards. We will interact on your forum to help stimulate discussions. This will help index your website on the search engines. You will want to use our forum posting writing service over and over again. We're always here to wow your audience when you need us to.

by Topnotchcontent     From: US     Joined: 3112 days, 2 hours, 0 min     Delivery: 24Hrs

Are you looking for top-notch content? We create content that sells. We're here to write sophisticated, ultra-stylized, informative content that intrigues and educates your target audience. All articles are 100% original and optimized for your selected keywords. Our clients are loving the results - and you will too. You will want to use our article writing service over and over again. We're always here to wow your potential customers when you need us to.

by Topnotchcontent     From: US     Joined: 3112 days, 2 hours, 0 min     Delivery: 24Hrs


There's always something to share with my readers and I would love to feature you at the end of a post! I post daily to share something unique with my audience.

Find my blog at vashishthakapoor . com

For just 400rs I will mention what you wish in around 40-50 words and add a dofollow link or email to easily direct my visitors to you. Moreover, it's a great chance for link building because your mention remain with the post in my blog's archives. Enjoyed my service? Come back and I would love to feature you again!

what you will get in just 400rs?

1. You will get place in a personal blog which gets shares tens of times a day and with hundreds of users each time.
2. Your website page will be linked and referred in an ethical way that will also improve your website ranking.
3. You get contextual backlink (high quality)
6. the post will be served to my 200+ feed subscribers.
Contact me if you have other question

by Vashishtha297     From: IN     Joined: 3128 days, 1 hours, 39 min     Delivery: 2 days

I am a Blogger. I have published my number of blogs with NO.1 SEO keywords & qualified for Google Adsense. I will write 500 words of a UNIQUE blog post or article that you need. It will be well-researched, accurate, engaging & of course, grammatically correct. No need to proof-read, it will be ready to use.
I will write a UNIQUE article. according to SEO keywords that will help you to become a NO.1 position in Search Engines.

by Seemasable     From: IN     Joined: 3545 days, 21 hours, 25 min     Delivery: 2 days

This is a truly insane deal and you are privileged to take advantage of my copywriting services that is professional. I will create an amazing tagline and headline for you at only Rs.1000. I assure that my words sell big time because of the 20 years that I have put into marketing and broadcasting. When you can get one headline and one tagline as easy as this why would you need to pay a copywriter thousands of rupees. I do not provide revisions as I am providing you the best. You will need to provide me with a small brief on the type of your business and we will have three small questions that you need to answer after you place your order. We will only create you a great headline/tagline but using it is your concern. They will surely ensure that the content is keyword rich and SEO optimized depending on the information that you give us. We're here to help people who are very close to their business and we do it for a minimal RS.1000. We will craft a classic head/tag line for you provided you give us all the details.

by Sonamsuri     From: HK     Joined: 3585 days, 22 hours, 33 min     Delivery: 5 days

I have more than 35 years of radio broadcasting experience and so delivery is assured. You would be amazed by the work ethics and the rates that we offer the services for. I am really fast and effective and is work is loved by all my clients.

by Nitishsaluja     From: HK     Joined: 3596 days, 23 hours, 40 min     Delivery: 7 days

If you want your source content to become precise, meaningful and compact along with a brief summary ,you need to contact me. I am an experienced content manager, creator as well as a professional journalist. I provide writing that is apt for any blog post, synopsis or website content. Though the summary for this task will only be up to 200 words long, feel free to get in touch with me for more options. You can also request samples of my previous work by sending me a message. I ensure delivery within the deadline and sometimes even before. The summary needs to be more than 600 words. You need to contact me for the same.

by Nitishsaluja     From: HK     Joined: 3596 days, 23 hours, 40 min     Delivery: 5 days

A seller who is top rated at your service If high quality content for your website is your main requirement then you need to choose wisely and choose a quality seller.You will be provided with a 400 word blog post for your website that would definitely be thought-provoking. You would just be asked to provide the topic and I will take care of the rest. I can even take care of the SEO keywords for you. I can offer you a great bulk deal if you have a requirement of multiple posts.

by Karankalra     From: US     Joined: 3585 days, 23 hours, 33 min     Delivery: 4 days

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