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Are you stuck with just words and unable to visualize? Do you want to transform words into an attractive presentation?

Here are some things I can do:

Raw material with images and you would get your presentation ready within 24-36 hours for 10 slides.

Raw material without images. I would search for relevant visually attractive images for you and send the presentation back to you within 48-60 hours for 10 slides.

Only concept, and no raw material but you have a topic* (which is something I am good at), I can do a research and create a presentation back to you! Max slides - Up to 15 within 5 days or 1 week.
In case, there are more slides required, do let me know before I begin to work on your project. Slides can be revised twice. A PDF file may be provided whenever required.

*When there is no raw material, the topic should be something that I know. I can create materials for healthcare, lifestyle, and other topics, except finance, technology, and related subjects.
Here are my charges for the presentation:
Level 1: 300-500 per slide
Level 2: 150-250 per slide
Level 3: 100-130 per slide

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