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Oracle PLSQL | Unix/Linux Shell Scripting | Oracle DBA | GoldenGate

Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Technology)

More than 12 years of experience working with eminent global IT companies on large projects.

Worked on database, ETL/data warehousing, enhancement / maintenance, and production support projects.

Can work on large/medium system analysis, development and maintenance projects, as an individual contributor or as a part of the team.

Available to work on short tasks and, can also mentor and train you on the areas of my expertise.

Please do not assume my availability, and let me estimate the task for time and cost before you place an order.
For 500 I will do very simple/basic task that requires half an hour to maximum one hour.
I always do my best to provide the highest quality work to my clients, so please place an order with confidence.


by Ramesh Samane     From: IN     Joined: 3501 days, 21 hours, 25 min     Delivery: 10 days

I am a songs writer, music composer. I will create the songs / jingles as per your requirement.

by Kalrav Manu Sarojwal     From: US     Joined: 3602 days, 12 hours, 52 min     Delivery: 2 days

30 seconds(75 words) of script for your video be it commercial, animation or audio advertisement will be done. When you want a successful promotional video or audio advert done the 1st step is to write proper scripts. I shall ensure you get great script for your video but make sure you give me all the details and expectations. Make the order above and I will send you the requirements of info I need from you.

by Utsavgupta     From: US     Joined: 3595 days, 19 hours, 26 min     Delivery: 9 days