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Taskr Selling Guide to earn an extra buck!
Taskr Selling Guide to earn an extra buck!
On : September 19th, 2014By : Shivya Gupta

We are delighted to have you on board our Taskr family as a talented freelancer. Do you feel you are not getting enough work on your platter through our portal? We wouldn't want to disappoint you!

Several businesses are hiring & assigning projects to our sellers on a daily basis.

Let us get an insight into the secret of getting hired on Taskr :

1. Create your Profile

After registering, Create an impressive personal profile by filling in the PERSONAL INFO section. You can include the following to build trust in your potential customers :

  • Your Qualifications

  • Past Experience

  • Explain your skill-set

  • Mention the Brands/Companies you have worked for previously

2. Have you posted a task yet?

The first step to getting noticed by a business looking to hire is for you to be VISIBLE! If you have simply –

  • Created your profile

  • Not posted a task

Buyers will not be able to purchase your task in the first place!

3. Post a task

Go All Out & Post a Task by clicking on the POST NEW TASK tab keeping in mind the following :

4. Post Multiple Tasks

Posting more micro- tasks in same category/multiple category would increase your visibility on Taskr platform. Also, businesses would hire you for varied assignments in that scenario.

5. Reply to Buyer Messages

  • Create a unique task as compared to your competitors

  • Catchy & Simple task title

  • Specify the service you are providing for "x" amount

  • Keep your task crisp & clear

  • Attractive task images as per recommended dimensions

  • Make use of task extras

    6. Order Execution

    Orders received should be delivered in the estimated delivery time mentioned in the task. Clients are very appreciative when sellers are helpful with minor modifications. They feel comfortable when seller is constantly in touch & is open to new ideas.

    Successful order execution strengthens your relationship with the buyer for a long-term. He would definitely turn to you for future projects!

    7. Rating & Feedback

    Wish to convert every task visitor into an order?

    The only way to succeed on Taskr is to achieve a good Job Rating, Seller Rating and positive feedback from your buyers. This would lead you to the goal of becoming a Top Rated Seller on Taskr.

    Follow these 7 simple steps of Taskr Selling Guide to achieve freelancing success on Taskr.in!! Hope all our sellers grow with us!!

    • Reply to buyer queries in the minimum TAT

    • Provide all information asked

    • Give suggestions to client

    • Share sample work

    • Communicate via Taskr platform

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