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About taskr

If you believe in breaking the age-old myth that work happens only in an office cubicle, Taskr is the right place for you. If you have the ability to create your own path, Taskr could lay the way forward for you.
Here at Taskr, Entrepreneurs can get work done from a talented pool of freelancers at affordable prices and within their prescribed time frame. Isn’t it an unconventional world where work happens differently!

Why should freelancers join Taskr?

It is truly said, ‘Work is no longer a place’. The righteous way to predict your future, is to create it yourself. You have the flexibility of choosing the task you love to do. Taskr gives you the platform to be self-employed and make your own livelihood instead of relying on someone else for a pay-cheque. Do you find yourself stuck in a 9am – 9pm rut? Are you located in an area where it is difficult to be employed for the right kind of work? Here at Taskr, several employers would knock on your door for your services and pay you!

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Why should businesses join Taskr?

At Taskr, qualified and accredited freelancers provide plethora of end-to-end services at cost -effective rates that would help in building and running any successful business. Taskrs can be evaluated on basis of their past work history and experience, can be contacted, shortlisted and assigned a task any business wishes them to execute. Taskr is a promising marketplace to assign tasks to freelancers ranging across graphic designers, web developers, logo designers, marketing consultants, business consultants, marketresearchers, copywriters, photographers, data analysis, SEO experts, social media marketers, financial consultants, legal advisors, special Kartrocket service providers possessing the most in-demand skills.

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Are you a business that wishes to get exclusive services at reasonable pre-negotiated prices? Are you a freelancer who wishes to own his own career? Taskr is India’s first micro-service marketplace that guarantees to create a community where great work is done!

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