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Top Ecommerce Website Design Trends That Your Online Store Needs
Top Ecommerce Website Design Trends That Your Online Store Needs
On : October 29th, 2014By : Taskr.in

The layouts and design play an integral role in shaping the statistics of sales for an e-commerce website. The user friendly approach to design a website provides a pleasant experience to your user. Online shopping has gained momentum and attained its platform in many countries today. We understand that marketing the website well and underlining budgetary constraints are mandatory, but there is an underestimated topic of discussion too and that is designing your website the correct way. In today’s post, we shall strive to cover some upcoming ecommerce website design trends for optimum designing of e-commerce websites.

Checkout pages, shopping carts, etc. are heard terminologies of the ecommerce world. But, have you ever thought what can be added to make it cut apart from the run of the mill websites? If your business has not paid attention to the importance of spectacular design, then it’s the right thing to do this year. How? Let’s find out!

Infinite Scrolling

Many ecommerce sites have a facet that has an endless quantity of content for scrolling. This might go in opposition to the initiative of minimalism. It does manage to achieve a one-dimensional loom exhibiting content,s even on a small screen of a mob

ile phone. Infinite scrolling provides a large amount of information quickly. It also eradicates the need to open a new page.

Copy Being Replaced By Visuals

We have become a lazy lot with progress on our side. When it comes to our information, an image is simpler to understand and is shorter as well. The visual learner receives broken down information. Videos and graphics are the most popular formats for the same.

A receptive e-commerce website provides responses to any device it is viewed upon. A responsive theme has become more of a necessity for modern day shoppers sitting behind their screens. It has become so easy for people to shop virtually through any device today. Hence, having a pervasive theme becomes integral.

P3 – Prompt Product Previews

The prime reason behind aiming towards optimum website design is enhancing the experience of the users. Online shopping does give rise to some impatient shoppers and no one would want to wait around for each page to load itself. This is the sole reason why quick product previews that pop up on their own are encouraged and appreciated. This concept does not disturb or hamper the user’s shopping experience and is a widely appreciated amongst various ecommerce website design trends.

Flat Designs

The inconspicuous and discreet nature of flat designs is sprouting over the internet world nowadays. Websites focused on content do make use of these designs. However, e-commerce websites absorb a lot from them as the microscopic vision provided to the products available on the website makes it a shopper’s delight.

One Page – More Content

Visitors of your site neither have the time nor the patience levels to sit around waiting for pages to load, content to be distributed across a number of web pages, etc. By producing various styles of information on a single page, the probabilities of a shopper waving off become significantly less. This feature has been hugely received as one of the useful ecommerce website design trends these days.

Expanding Navigation through Tiles

Images are way more appealing and huge time-savers than content boxes. Tiled navigation is becoming extremely popular amongst online shoppers because of this reason too. Making use of tiles of images, rather than drop down lists, provides the user a slight preview of what they are looking at and are going to see next. You would not want a user to bounce off your site without completing their actions. Grabbing their attention through tiled navigation is a good idea.

Larger Than Life Graphics

A good web developer, keeping in mind that the website shall be viewed on various devices with different screen sizes, can deliver good graphics that seem larger than life in their existence appropriate for any device of its users. Reasonably bigger graphics, which connect with the products, also have a tendency to make for friendly user experiences. This is another solid reason that these ecommerce website design trends will grow.

Huge lists of categories

A couple of other trends include having a huge list of categories that you might employ on a single page. Split them into categories and subcategories respectively for easily navigation.

Dynamic Product Information

A separate page for each product is the biggest mistakes that an e-commerce website can make. There are varied elements and aspects that a product has to offer and the website has to cover like the price, quantity, photos, and similar attributes. Creating a vibrant product page is the best manner to fit all the information regarding the product together and make it easier for the shopper.

Always remember that a good design has the power to retain or detain your customer sitting behind the screen. These imminent ecommerce website design trends can be of great help to you, in order to transform your website for good.

3 thoughts on “Top Ecommerce Website Design Trends That Your Online Store Needs

  1. Allen Robert says:

    Great websites. Don’t know why I don’t see much improvements in eCommerce web designs. Like we saw many new trends in web design field but not such thing implemented in eCommerce websites.

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  2. Bright Verge says:

    Thanks for your post. I think E-Commerce Websites trend is really gaining popularity time by time but I think it’s not hard to build a website I think it’s hard to run website as it requires lot of money to put on advertisement, keywords etc…!!!…

  3. WHW says:

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