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Unfolding the Taskr Growth Story
Unfolding the Taskr Growth Story
On : August 7th, 2014By :

Freelancing has changed the working methodology to a great extent. Today, small and medium business owners don’t feel the need of full time employees to complete tasks. Instead, they get freelancers to complete it. This not only saves money, but also ends the hassle of getting a separate workplace for them. Not only the business owners, but freelancing has been a turning point for those who wants creative freedom and cannot go for 10 hour shift, sitting in a small cubicle. Today, freelancers work from home, anytime and anywhere and deliver the work through the internet. There is no hassle of fixed job timing of clearing interviews as such.

With this emerging style of work, Big Foot Retail Pvt. Ltd. launched Taskr. It is a single platform where freelancers can easily get freelance projects and buyers can hire freelancers to get their work done. Being India’s first micro services marketplace for both buyers and freelancers, Taskr has eased out the trouble that has to be faced by freelancers to get high quality jobs and also to the business owners who are looking for reliable and skilled freelancers to work for them. In a matter of one month, Taskr has achieved more success than its developers ever thought. Today, it has become one of the fastest growing online workplace in India. Check out the Taskr growth story in the first month and statistics that have truly encouraged us to keep up the good work.

Taskr Growth Story

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