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At SEM Genius, we're experts with years of experience in PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing on Adwords, SEO and affiliate marketing.

What will you provide?
A list of over 400 keywords related to your product or service (no matter how niche it is)
Each word's search volume
An explanation of what each column of the report means
Option to specify which country you want words from (e.g. US/UK/DE)

Keyword search volume is no longer provided by Google through their keyword planner tool, but this information is vital if you're launching an affiliate website. We are able to provide this, so you can start targeting keywords with the highest ROI (return on investment)- i.e. words that aren't too competitive, but also get significant traffic.

Why choose us?
We've run huge, multi-million dollar PPC campaigns over the years, and have set up and run our own successful affiliate websites. We will offer an extremely high level of service for the price we offer, because as a new listing, we need to build our reputation. Get it whilst you can!

by Semgenius     From: GB     Joined: 2769 days, 8 hours, 28 min     Delivery: 2 days

I will create a highly effective Google Adwords campaign for you. This service includes 1 Campaign, 1 Ad Group, 2 Ads, 20 Keywords, Negative Keywords, and Campaign Tracking. If you aren't completely satisfied with this service I will work on it until you are completely satisfied, or I will refund all of your money. Contact me with your questions.

by Virl1     From: US     Joined: 2790 days, 15 hours, 56 min     Delivery: 5 days

I am Google Adwords Certified Partner. PPC advertising offers the opportunity to pay for reaching top positions in search engines as well as appearing on trusted partner websites. With the help of PPC you can get instant traffic.<br />
What I will do<br />
- Campaign planning<br />
- Budget configuration<br />
- Keyword research (up to 40 keywords)<br />
- Writing 2 Adverts<br />
- Analysis and feedback

by SKJ     From: IN     Joined: 3608 days, 17 hours, 48 min     Delivery: 3 days