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Hello! I'm Elena and I can help you translate from English to Spanish any text you need!
If you hire me, you will have an open dialog with me to meet as best as possible your expectations. And you will receive an accurate and readable document in the format of your choice.
Responsibility and effectiveness in the delivery times.
Total confidence about that the translated text will be free of grammatical errors and that all the personal information will stay confidential.

by ElenaJCarlini     From: AR     Joined: 2742 days, 7 hours, 20 min     Delivery: 2 days

I will translate upto 700 words for Rs. 500 from English to Telugu
why should you choose me:
- Native of Telugu (Mother Tongue)
- Ontime delivery
- Accuracy
- No usage of online tools
- Translated as per nativity

by Sreenivask     From: IN     Joined: 2870 days, 10 hours, 3 min     Delivery: 2 days

Greetings from Wordwizard services. We are a reputed translation agency that offers quicker, competitive and quality translation/transcription/subtitling/interpretation for over 25 language pairs- (Portuguese (Brazilian), German, Swedish, French, Arabic, Thai, Norwegian, Russian,Spanish, Danish, Japanese, Indonesian, Chinese, Korean, Hebrew, Romanian, Dutch, Welsh, Italian and all Indian languages). Rare Language Pairs- English to Samoan, Afrikaans, Tagalog, Khmer, Inuktitut, Dhivehi, Solomon Islands Pijin, Quechua, and Marshallese. We are experienced in translating VISA Papers Translation, Medical reports, research papers, School Certificate Translation, Passport Translation Marriage Certificate Translation, spiritual book translation, Driver Licenses Translation, Divorce Papers Translation, Marriage Card Translation, Death Certificate Translation, tourism related translation, financial data, legal and Government Papers, Technical Document, Machine Manuals and more.
All language translation and transcription tasks are done by professional native speakers which add to the credibility of the services. We have a team of translation and proof reading professionals.

by Bhargaviray     From: IN     Joined: 3021 days, 15 hours, 36 min     Delivery: 5 days

How are you doing? The best thing a human being can do is to serve each other without expectations. So, what can I do for you?
I have experience doing translations: English – Spanish and vice versa. I have a degree in Modern languages and I am able to translate all kinds of words or colloquial phrases, onomatopoeic or similar expressions. Also I can adapt texts to the European, Latin American or translate into standard Spanish. I am a person who speaks Spanish as maternal language, therefore, my accuracy when translating is much better than an English speaker.
I will translate 500, 1000 or 2000 words within the next 24 Hours. What you need, I'll do it.

by Frank14569     From: EC     Joined: 3040 days, 23 hours, 6 min     Delivery: 24Hrs

Excel,ppt or words etc. will done
( 600 words cost Rs.500)

Data Entry:
max pages 10.
(cost basic Rs.500)

Translating pdf,words docx. or any type of texts from
(English to Spanish & vicecersa
English to Hindi/Marathi & viceversa)
Max. 600 words for Rs.500

by JackX2     From: IN     Joined: 3181 days, 19 hours, 14 min     Delivery: 2 days