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Why Should A Business Hire Freelancers Through Taskr?
Why Should A Business Hire Freelancers Through Taskr?
On : July 28th, 2014By :

Think you can do every single task with the perfection of a pro? Whoa, calm down! I know you can. But that does not mean you always have to! I have already said this a number of times; some tasks are smaller than other tasks. But that does not mean you should not be fully investing in the smaller tasks! Freelancers to the rescue (Okay that sounds so super hero like!) Professionalism with no all-time job hassle! Growing businesses need to hire freelancers and grow further!

But then comes the tension time. Will a freelancer be good enough? Will his work be classy enough? Will the quality be up to the business’standards? Let’s take the Doubtful tips one at a time, then.

1. Talented pool of freelancers

Taskr gets businessmen to freelancers! It’s an entire platform where freelancers connect with entrepreneurs.We conduct moderation at our own level; quizzing our freelancers about the quality of their promised services. And apart from that; there is so much stuff to skim through before setting to hire freelancers!

2. Evaluate freelancer credibility

Browse through categories and select the task that matches your exact requirement for your business. Check out the task description, job rating, no.of buyers, feedback by other buyers, profile of the freelancer; every nook and cranny before awarding him the project.

3. Payment Security

Now the most stutter invoking part of the whole “hire freelancers” deal! The Gandhi! Or the plastic money! Why should you pay the freelancer in advance? What if the freelancer doesn’t deliver in the end? What about the money? Well you know what I said about the Taskr “platform”? You stay in touch with the seller via the private message system on Taskr. Once, you order the task, the freelancer starts working on your order. The amount to be paid is stored safely with Taskr, till you are satisfied with the work. Taskr transfers your amount to the freelancer only once the seller has marked the order as delivered and you have accepted it as appropriate. If the freelancer is unable to deliver your order in the end, or the delivery is not as per the task description, in that scenario, we would refund the amount back to your virtual balance. You can use the amount to hire another freelancer to execute the same task. That way, we guarantee you payment security! Yeah! Wipe the sweat off the brow.

4. Why Taskr?

And then the question of the hour; why Taskr? What’s so special about it? Why can’t I just hire freelancers by hiring my uncle’s neighbor’s cousin’s elder son? He sounded well versed in designing! Or you know another portal? Well you can do that but then the accountability, professionalism and functioning are all at stake. At Taskr; we have a talented, tested, reviewed and skilled pool of freelancers who understand the way the E-commerce websites and online stores function.You get the best of the best! Who better to assign your tasks to, than them?

If you are an entrepreneur; do scroll through the categories on the web page! Taskr is always here to help you grow more!

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