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Children! -Waltz Your Way To Being Entrepreneur!
Children! -Waltz Your Way To Being Entrepreneur!
On : August 25th, 2014By :

When people teach their kids to want a good job and settle down with a humble post in a corporation; it makes me sad. There are just so many potential entrepreneurs that never happen because they don’t have the right upbringing. Entrepreneurs are not some super human beings with unattainable skills! They are just people passionate about their art who intend to earn via the crafty qualities they possess.

Kids in schools and colleges understand earning and managing money via working. They want to be financially independent. So why not introduce them to the most freeing profession at an age when they are ready to make choices for the future? Why not introduce them to the alternative of being a freelancer and learn how a business runs? From selling hand-made chocolates to making photo shop posters; there is no waiting for “Campus Placements” to step in the earning shoes! Get started with these simple tips, that leave a deeper impact!

1. Yea, I’m Earning!

It’s one thing to manage funds. But a totally different thing to sponsor yourself. Or have money in your bank account that your dad didn’t transfer. Basically the whole managing my accounts thing becomes more legit; if you are earning that money yourself. You can save and sponsor tuition fees, save up for trips (Goa here we come!), save for higher education; all while studying and that too without doing a permanent job! Plus it’ll be a huge bonus to your start up if you can bear your own expenses, when in need. Also you will be researching better and not throwing hard earned cash on not-great projects. Plus, more money never hurts.

2. Manage that entrepreneur money

An entrepreneur earns with ease but it is erratic income. And, when you are starting as a freelancer; you need to learn to manage your funds to become a successful entrepreneur. For something as trivial as helping with chores to pocket money; it is believed that students need to be guided in monitoring their accounts! As if! Prove that wrong, already! Invest the money that you save; since that is the basic mantra of being an entrepreneur. Instead of going spendthrift; the thought of managing money makes you fall in love with the idea of earning and saving independently. Inculcating this habit of financial autonomy brings out the entrepreneur within.

3. Recognize Opportunities and Take Risks

Let the mind wander. The traditional professions are long passé, might as well make yourself aware of the whole new world out there. Grab opportunities ranging from participating in the management guilds at colleges/schools to interning for a newspaper. Keep watch on taskr.in for the kinds of tasks businessmen are looking for. Apply for them via the Taskr Portal! Everything new is an experience that gives you insight into different activities which could spark passions buried deep. Not only this, but step out; start your own new ventures. Experiment in every field without being afraid of the world.

4. Observe and Learn First, O Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur will make you a one man army for an entire enterprise. It sounds fun now, but when you will be dancing blindly in a firestorm; things will not sound so cool. Working with an establishment or start up gives you insight into how a company works and what you should do, to get it working. Work with start-ups with the help of Taskr.in! Apply for freelancing jobs and you never know, you can grasp more about the business with the experience! Also dealing with clients is not an inborn talent. You got to develop it after you deal with people. Be an employee first, employer later. Stop being afraid! Apply for as many jobs as you can fit in your schedule! No harm gaining more experience with every minute! Learning with freelancing is a pretty cool bet, you know.

5. May I Be of Assistance?

Coming to a point where we recognize the dire need of small time jobs; freelancing with entrepreneurs is a real smart step to becoming an entrepreneur. With taskr.in you can post tasks about the kind of jobs you can go for. There is no age description needed so, the quality of your work is the only chip you get to bank on. Approach clients who could offer you quality projects to work on. Stuff that could help you gain experience for the future and even benefit your financial autonomy!

You can also read here about inspiring stories of children entrepreneurs who have proved themselves and made it big in life.

So why cower and hide? Wake up and get started on projects! The journey to your business awaits. And if Entrepreneur is your Hogwarts; I suggest freelancing as the best route! That’s what the Marauder’s Map says atleast!

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