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How executing Freelance Projects through Taskr.in helps you!
How executing Freelance Projects through Taskr.in helps you!
On : July 25th, 2014By :

How cool would it be if people could get what they want! Like if someone wants to sell a coffee table and someone wants to buy a coffee table; and bam! They meet and both get their wish! Isn’t that God’s way of fulfilling two wishes with one stone? Well some good stone that is!

Won’t it be perfect if businessmen trying so hard to find the perfect video designer for their website meet the perfect video artist for their freelance project? Come on; imagine it. It’ll be way too awesome! Freelancers always face this problem when they let the word out randomly about their work. It’s difficult to seek the right businessman without actually “looking” for him. And even if you find them are you sure they will hire you in your specialized freelance project?

In such a situation you need a portal that recognizes you and leads you to the right client. You might think it’d be better to do it by yourself; but hey guaranteed work and ease of finding work is never a bad idea! Especially when you are new to seeking freelance projects and developing contacts!

Let’s take a look at how the Taskr Platform is the perfect one for bringing out your perfect freelancer project.

1. Improve your Task credibility

The Taskr platform widens your horizon. The variety of features helps clients find you faster. As new customers view you; your No. of views increase. The greater no. of orders you execute through Taskr, the No. of buyers count increases. When these buyers give you positive feedbacks, this improves your ratings!

2. Aspire to become a Top Rated Seller on Taskr

And with higher job and seller rating you could reach the top rated seller list on Taskr in no time! And this is where the fun part begins!

3. The Actual Game Begins!

The sooner you become the top rated seller with good ratings and feedback, the number of buyers (and opportunities) will continue rising! And with that climbing confidence; more number of visitors are sure to purchase the task! Soon enough instead of hunting for clients you might be sorting through a list of eagerly interested clients!

4. Payment Problems? Worry Not!

And just when you seem to pursue so many freelance projects; you might worry, “What if I don’t get paid well or am left unpaid after the task is done?” That will never be an issue with Taskr as a platform! If business is done through Taskr, we take a full advance from the client when he pays through Taskr payment gateway on the website. After the freelance project is accomplished, Taskr transfers the entire sum to you, deducting Taskr commission! So with that your payment is guaranteed!

5. Why not transact off the Taskr platform?

So you may be wondering why not get the leads from Taskr, and transact off the platform! If you are looking for 1 time business revenue from Taskr, feel free to do so! However, if you wish to join hands and grow with our network, seek to get more orders made through Taskr and improving your task counter.

The Taskr portal lets you to flourish in the freelancing world by carving an independent identity in your niche market! Happy freelancing!

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