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Sell Online – Exploring Online Marketplaces For Your Company!
Sell Online – Exploring Online Marketplaces For Your Company!
On : November 3rd, 2014By : Taskr.in

There was once a time when traditional marketplaces like the flea markets and various bazaars were the sole manner in which one could get in touch with potential customers. And as a marketer, you must be knowing how difficult it can be to contact customers all over, while sitting at one place, as quickly as possible.

Thankfully, with ecommerce and online marketplaces gaining momentum as a full fledged industry in India, things are transforming. Brand visibility has become far easier and ecommerce makes you stand on a global platform in a jiffy.

Benefits Of Selling On Online Marketplaces

So you see, e-commerce can work remarkably well for your brand just by opening an online store.

1) Increased Brand Visibility

Apart from selling on your own online platform, you should be seen at other places as well, in order to get noticed. If you sell your products on online marketplaces, it will surely help your product to attain more brand visibility.

2) More Engagement Value

As mentioned above, selling products on online marketplaces increases your brand visibility. As your product is seen on maximum platform, you can easily increase customer engagement, which migh lead to sales.

3) More Customer Base

Highlighting yourself at so many online marketplaces will make you a household name. This will lead to drastic increase in the number of your customers.

4) Additional Source Of Revenue Through Online Marketplaces

Which businessman wouldn’t want an opportunity to earn more? Online marketplaces give you a different avenue to earn more than what you usually do through retail outlets or even your own website.

5) Test and Try

Knowing that ecommerce is a booming industry you would still want to be sure, right? So, you can always test and see whether the costing, placing, logistics, etc. suit your business palette before you take the formal plunge in investing in multiple online marketplaces.

List Of Best Online Marketplaces For Maximum Visibility

The online marketplaces scheme operates on the system of commission. These places usually list their seller’s products on their website for no cost at all. And whenever, the website makes a successful sale of the seller’s item, it is entitled to claim a pre-negotiated percentage of commission from the seller.

Let us look at some reputed online marketplaces that you can later make use of to display your products for sale:

1. Craftsvilla: This online marketplace lists Indian jewelry, clothing and a few elements of home décor.

2. Ebay: This is the biggest online store in the world and a market leader as well.

3. Indiatimes: Another giant online marketplace in India owned by Times Internet. A seller can list its products in a variety of categories such as electronics, clothing, home products, etc.

4. Rediff Shopping: Owned by Rediff India, it is similar to Indiatimes shopping.

5. Homeshop18: HomeShop18 is owned by Network18. They are a huge marketplace that offers a wide range of categories.

6. Flipkart: They are India’s one of the most popular online marketplace. Only recently, have they converted themselves into a marketplace model from a warehouse model.

7. LimeRoad: They are an online marketplace that deals with products only pertaining to women. Usually: This website sells products in categories such as books, electronics, software, beauty and health related items.

8. Pepperfry: Pepperfy is that online marketplacewhich is known purely for home related products such as furniture, furnishings, kitchen, home decor etc.

9. Snapdeal: Snapdeal follows a marketplace model to aggressively sell on all categories. It is one of the most high-traffic marketplaces in India.

10. Amazon.in: The latest entry has been made by Amazon into the industry of online marketplaces in India. Although, it has been a world-leader in ecommerce, they are also operating as an online marketplace.

This list is just a glance of popular online marketplaces, which will help vendors to find the best platform for your products. All of these sites receive a good amount of traffic. Therefore, you can be certain to get first-rate experience and succeeding sales for your brands.

However, if you are unaware as to how to approach these marketplaces and start selling, why not take help from some freelancers from Taskr.in who will help in marketplace listing. They have a pool of fantastic freelancers just perfect to do your job.

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