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Featured Taskr of the Week: Shashank Gupta
Featured Taskr of the Week: Shashank Gupta
On : December 19th, 2014By : Taskr.in

Featuring Shashank Gupta as Featured Taskr of the Week. He offers end to end ecommerce backend support and has been really helpful to many of our client who are running their online store. Know more about him, services he offers and how he feels to be related with Taskr.

1) Tell Us About Yourself?

I am Shashank Gupta, a freelance ecommerce consultant. I am a management chap having more than 6 years experience in IT, Marketing, Finance, operation, logistics and admin. In this process, I understand client requirements. I try to adopt the most suitable technology for their project. Thus, encouraging them to succeed in the online world. After recognizing fully the difficulties faced by the companies in the field of technology, I walk shoulder-to-shoulder with the clients through every stage of an enterprise. I always make sure that both of us understand the mechanics of the project with reference to the company’s strengths and development areas.

2. Why And When Did You Start Freelancing?

Everyone in this business knows the real thinking happens away from the desk and out of the meeting rooms. The best creative resource managers understand this. I am accountable, self-disciplined person and stick to the work ethics. I started freelancing last year after coming back from my hometown, Jaipur.

3. What Are The Things That Make You Happy As A Freelancer?

It is being able to satisfy my clients in my chosen industry for long enough and able to establish contacts and gain experience. I can control the professional and personal work I do. I get to be our own boss, work on my own hours. I am the only one responsible for my own success.

4. What Is The Most Challenging Thing In Freelancing?

I would say one of the biggest challenges with freelancing is setting and maintaining limits. We are getting paid for something that you agreed to in advance. Of course, because of the nature of IT development, if something gets inevitably change, you'll be asked to work longer hours. You'll be asked to take on more than was initially explained to you. If you’re tough, it’s easy to get taken advantage of.

5. What Does It Take To Be A Successful Freelancer?

“YOU ARE YOUR BRAND”If people don't like you, they won’t buy what you're selling. Never, ever, undervalue time taken to plan.

6. How Did You Get To Know About Taskr? What Are The Services You Are Offering On Taskr?

I got to know about Taskr through Kartrocket.com. About the services I offer is end to end ecommerce backend support. It includes company formation, logo designing, banner designing, web designing, content writing, SEO, marketplace listing, CRM, and more services.

7. What Do You Think About The New Style Of Working On Taskr?

This is good and one point of backend support for e commerce.

8. How is your experience being associated with Taskr as a 'Taskr freelancer'?

Working with Taskr.in has been a wonderful experience. There are so many tasks categories available for me. I am quite satisfied with working as a freelancer for Taskr.

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