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Featured Taskr of the Week: Syed Zaheer
Featured Taskr of the Week: Syed Zaheer
On : January 2nd, 2015By : Taskr.in

This week, we are going to feature Syed Zaheer as our Featured Taskr. He has been a part of Taskr for the past 6 months. He offers SEO and SMO services on Taskr. Check out what he has to say about working with Taskr and how he started freelancing

1. Tell Us About Yourself?

I am Syed Zaheer from Hyderabad. I am currently pursuing my M. Phil in Persian language from Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad. I also have a blog where I discuss blogging, SEO and traffic generation methods.

2. Why And When Did You Start Freelancing?

I heard about freelancing and making money online from a friend. During that time, I wasted a lot of time and hard work by working for many spam websites. My actual journey of working as a freelancing and earning started from January 2010.

3. What Are The Things That Make You Happy As A Freelancer?

The fact that I am getting extra money and financial freedom and also I am helping other people to achieve their goals, whether it’s online or office, really makes me happy as a freelancer

4. What is the most challenging thing in freelancing?

Managing one’s reputation are the most challenging part of freelancing. It is important that you promise only that amount of work, which you can deliver and make it as realistic as possible. Don’t compromise with the quality of the work just because you want to earn money at a faster pace. Truth goes a long way in freelancing.

5. What Does It Take To Be A Successful Freelancer?

Always be clear and conceise about what you say to your buyer. Check your email regularly and answer all queries as soon as possible. Whether big or small, never ignore your buyers and its requirement.

6. How Did You Get To Know About Taskr? What Are The Services You Are Offering On Taskr?

I saw a Facebook post related to Taskr. I liked the idea of online workplace and decided to join. At Taskr, I offer backlink services, social bookmarking, blog comments backlinks. Since, I am doing the backlink work manually, high quality backlinks is a big challenge.

7. What Do You Think About The New Style Of Working On Taskr?

The best thing about Taskr is that it is the only online workplace which is for Indiand buyers and sellers only. As compared to other sites, Taskr is the best.

8. How Is Your Experience Being Associated With Taskr As A ‘Taskr Freelancer’?

I have been a part of Task for the past 6 months and frankly, there hasn’t been many orders. However, it is a promising website and I hope that I will get lots of orders in coming time. The best thing about Taskr is that they have a strong team. My best wishes are with them.

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