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Graphic Designers, Attention! 10 must have iPhone apps for you!
Graphic Designers, Attention! 10 must have iPhone apps for you!
On : June 14th, 2014By : Taskr.in

Apart from the exceptional designing and worldwide adored hardware; iPhones are a professional’s life saver and best friend. But enter the iTunes store and bam! The iPhone dominates the main smartphones choice for the design world. With the Mac already recognized as the bst computer for developers, photographers and designers; on the go work is made convenient via some of the best apps that the store offers.
I would probably say you can scroll through them and realize that you need these to aid you through your tasks and excel at them.

1. Doodle Buddy

Developed by Pinger, Inc. everything points to the one thing that makes this app so awesome. Your finger. Yes, just doodle on whatever comes to that dreamy imagination of yours. And it will not disappoint you. With around 44,000 colours to choose from (even though there were just 7 in the spectrum) which can be applied via paintbrush, chalk, glitter or text! You can even work in the stencil mode if you like. Zero frustration and fabulous performance app.

2. Adobe Kuler

Straight from Adobe, this is the app avatar of Photoshop’s Kuler tool. So obviously it’s the best colour-picking tool. And you can even extract colour from your photo stream, Flickr or Instagram! Kuler lets you capture five points of the colour in any scene to define a swatch. This you can tweak (with tools like RGB sliders, colour wheel, you name it!), save or send to other Adobe tools where you want to use it!

3. Adobe Ideas

Another reason to adore Adobe! This is the illustrator version right at your fingertips. Go ahead and stylize on a huge (phone size though) virtual canvas with vector images, customizable brushes and other tools to play around with. What’s more amazing is the fact that you can sync the app between your iPad, iPhone and Desktop with a Creative Cloud Membership!

4. Repix

Imagine a photo editor that lets you add filters and create amazing effects. But now you can also “paint” filter effects on your images. Not only this, but you don’t have to panic on making precise selections if you wish to alter a part of the image. Repix lets you do the job with more help than distress.

5. Sketch Book Pro

An iPad-art paid app by Autodesk is any designer’s dream come true! The whole array of stylus that you can choose from is only the beginning. The rich user interface is aptly for the smartphone, being so smart and all that. Layers, annotations, advanced blend modes and that too with Dropbox incorporated? Boom, buy it already!

6. Marksta

Sick and tired of all those people who don’t understand plagiarism is disgraceful to artists and graphic designers too? Well no, this app doesn’t let you shoot them (trust me, I hope they are working on that too). Instead you get to watermark or add your copyright information to your images. So you can do this directly from your iPhone before uploading them on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or the likes.

7. Gelo

Gradients have always fascinated me in Photoshop though they seem to get little attention in iPhone photography. I guess its because you have very little control over the filter affects in your shot. Gelo by Fotosyn, lets you choose a colour and then apply it to your image just the way you want to. You can even tweak individual colours and alter the effect. Or let that Mad Hatter-ness flow and vary the gel styles and just create gradients on portions of the image to achieve a “gel collage”!

8. M.dot

The sassier version of your twitter account information. This is the classiest app to create your own business card right on your iPhone! You can add images from the Gallery with social media buttons too. Also the Call Me tile and Current Location keeps people synced to you easily.

9. Layers

When the iTunes Store says, “built on feedback of mobile artists”, you just know you want this app. It’s an adorable painting application and a personal favourite too! Love the little things that are so amazingly put forth in the app. The array of tools, brushes, options and the five layer deal; this is basically creativity let loose!

10. Typography Manual

For people crazy about typo and in love of practical hints and tips for setting text. Or just getting to terms with special characters or terminologies; go no further. Here you have your font size ruler and scalable web type. You are bound to love it!

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