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How to Improve Business Productivity during Travel
How to Improve Business Productivity during Travel
On : November 21st, 2014By : Taskr.in

Working while travelling can be perplexing and quite challenging, predominantly, when it comes to maintaining your productivity as your routine is thrown off the cliff for those few days. You must not forget that your deadlines don’t dissolve when you are on tour. What you need to do is firstly free yourself from the hassle of having to catch up when you come back. You can also hire a freelancer or a team of the same to wrestle with the projects in your absence.

Here are some useful tips to help you have a productive and less stressful travel and helping you improve business productivity during travel:

Setting the Right Expectations

Before you start off, have a meeting with all your team members to share updates on projects and reviewing your future plan of action. Communicate and inform in advance about your schedule, as in when and at what time will you be available to speak or check your mail.

Improve Business Productivity during Travel through Proper Planning

Before you leave, take a thorough look at your to-do lists and decide what needs to be completed and by when. Tie all your loose ends that require face-to-face meetings and interactions before you head out. Get all your work completed before you leave, to avoid any unnecessary burden once you come back.

Gather Your Gears

In order to remain productive on tour, you have to ensure that you have all your required resources to get the job done. Other than a phone and a working internet access, contemplate what resources you need to do your job. Thanks to mobile technology, things are easier than ever. When you are on the go, you can use Skype or Face Time to tackle meetings with colleagues and share documents through Dropbox or iCloud.

Make Sure Your Business Is As Mobile As You

You might want to use your smartphone or other device to keep an eye on news, events, etc. along with a bit of work, while you’re out. Your clients are most probably doing the same thing. This might be a great time to hire a mobile app developer to help you improve business productivity during travel and streamline your business as well.

Communicate Your Plans to Your Client

Make sure that you communicate your clients about your plans. Or, you can also opt for automatic mail responder feature, which is offered in many email services. With this, your client will not think that you are ignoring their mails.

Plan Your Tour around Slow Periods

Almost every business has some days, which are less productive. If possible, plan your tour in those days so that you don’t lose much on the work end and can easily enjoy some leisure time.

Be Prepared For the Worst Cases

Even if you have done everything in advance and prepared your staff, there are chances that things might go wrong. Don’t worry. Instead of thinking too much, think of the ways to correct it and learn from it so that the same mistake does not occur again.

Don’t pass on the chance to keep your business mounting while you’re away. Take that trip and keep the work flowing by hiring freelancers to shape up your fortes. Stay rest assured as you’re in good hands. Bon Voyage!

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