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Are You Taking These New Year Resolutions This 2015?
Are You Taking These New Year Resolutions This 2015?
On : December 31st, 2014By : Taskr.in

So, the New Year has arrived! We all are ready to welcome 2015 with open arms. Even though there’s nothing exciting about this day, yet we all have this excitement flowing in our veins about new hopes and happiness. For freelancers, 2015 is a year when they expect that their business will bloom and their skills will be in huge demand.

2015 is going to be an excellent year for freelancers. According to Forbes, there can be up to 34% of growth in freelance workforce. The good news does not end here. Even the big companies are looking forward to hire freelancers to carry out their virtual work with ease. This means, more quality work to showcase your skills.

If you are a freelancer and has been indulged into boring (but, much needed) New Year resolutions like joining a gym, quitting smoking, eating healthy and much more, then it’s time to think out the box. Check out the must pledge New Year Resolutions that can help you get more work as freelancers.

More Time For Yourself

This goes for everybody. If you are working full time, health is the one thing that generally not make into the list of your priorities. Remember, sitting on the computer the whole day might be productive for your professional life, but it can put a halt on your lifestyle. For healthy work, you need to have a healthy mind and soul. Set yourself out and spend time with yourself and release all the negative energy.

Self Assessment

Since, you are entering a new year, it is the best time to start new. Sit for something and do a self assessment on what you did last year, what things you missed, what were the pros and cons of freelancing and what you learned. This will surely help you come up with a new plan to start afresh and enhance not only your work skills but also improve communication.

Take New Year Resolutions To Start Networking

You are a freelancer who works in your home. Obviously, you cannot expect people to come to you and give you work. You have to start networking to get more quality work easily. You can use social media or join an online workplace like Taskr to find potential and better leads and resources.

Start Enjoying Freelancing

The best thing about freelancing is that you are your own boss. Start taking advantage of it. Work on your time table and take time for your family and your unfulfilled wishes like travelling. Other than this, start saying no. Never take that amount of work, which is out of your potential. You will end doing worse than your job. Also, your image will affect in front of your clients.

Balance Work & Life

Balancing your work life with personal is a huge but important task. As mentioned earlier, take out more quality time to spend and relax with your loved ones. This will help you manage your stress levels and refresh you. A relaxed mind will be in a better position to tackle work pressure and resolve daily issues with ease.

Refine Your Work Skills

Take a step ahead in 2015 and start refining your skills. If you specialize in your field, your demand will be more and also the money will be more. Find your niche and start working towards it. As a freelancer, you can also take up some crash course or spend time on the internet to learn the new trends and market needs. Start developing your skills according to it and let the world know.

Start Working Smarter

Instead of working more, find out a way to work smarter. Look for ways with which you can start working more at lesser time. Focus on HOW to work more and be more productive. Look for certain tools or work management techniques that can help you complete 8 hours work in just 4-5 hours.

What’s your New Year Resolutions? Share with us. We would love to know!

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