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Are You Using These Top 5 Photography Apps For Freelance Work?
Are You Using These Top 5 Photography Apps For Freelance Work?
On : January 6th, 2015By : Taskr.in

As it is said that ‘A Picture Is Worth Thousand Words’, it is important that your clicked image is able to convey what you want to convey without any hassles. With the advent of high quality camera on our smartphone, it has become easier for photographers to click image anywhere, anytime, even when they are not equipped with a professional camera. Another advantage of smartphones is that they have plenty of photography apps, which can be used to edit photographs instantly. This means, you can click images, edit it and send to your customers instantly.

If you own an iPhone, there are various photography apps for image editing and correction that will make your images look more professional and life like. With these apps, you don’t need to purchase professional editing or correction software as your iPhone will serve the need for free or for just a small amount.

Here is the list of the best Photography Apps for iPhone for freelance photographers to carry out high quality photographs.

1) Camera+

When it comes to the best photography apps for iPhone, then Camera+ sure wins. It is fast, easy, packed with the best features of a camera and photo editing tool. Its regular update constantly lets you enjoy the finest features. It offers separate focus and exposure lock. Also, you get various shooting modes like timer and burst mode and a grid to make impeccable composition. For its editing feature, you can add effects, edit balance, adjust balance, color and sharpens easily. You can use Camera+ to sync your photos with iCloud. Its major drawback is that it is available only for iOS 6 or later.

2) VSCO Cam

After Camera+, if there is any photography app, which should be used by photographers is VSCO Cam. It is an amazing (read free) editing tool that has advanced features to enhance the look of your images. You can edit exposure and constant in just a few clicks. Also, you have options to copyright your photos. It is user-friendly, giving an authentic analogue film effect. You can also create a timeless feel to your images with various tones and faded available.

3) Photoshop Touch

If Adobe Photoshop is your best buddy on your computer, then Photoshop touch is surely going to be your BFF for image editing in iPhone. For some Photoshop touch might be a confusing app, but if you are used to Photoshop, then you will find it easier to work on. It has certain similar features like layers, blending modes, text tool, adjustments and filters. If you are looking for a creative platform to combine different image and blend it, then Photoshop Touch is the best app for you. It is a paid app, but totally worth it!

4) Noir Photo: One of the Best Photography Apps

If you want to create a dramatic image in black & white or monochrome effect, then Noir Photo is an amazing photography app for iPhone users. You can add selective lighting to enhance a particular part of your image. Choose a part of your image, movie and resize the lighting effect, adjust brightness and contrast and your image is ready. Yes, it is this simple.

5) Color Splash

Want to play with colors of your clicked images, then color splash is the photography app for you. You can convert your whole image into Black & White and highlight only a particular color. This is a great app for products like accessories, apparels, bags, etc. where you just want to focus on your product rather than the background or model.

6) Facetune

Are you a photographer who likes clicking human portraits? Then, you surely need Facetune. It is an amazing app, which will be helpful even if you are not a photographer, but somebody who likes to click the images and post it on social media. Facetune is a fun app to edit your image like removing wrinkles of your face, whitens teeth and does a complete makeover. It is easy to use and worth a look.

The above mentioned apps are just a glance of the best photography apps available for iPhone users. If you are using any other mobile app worth mentioning, then help our readers as well. Leave your comments below.

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