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Playing by the Rules of Taskr!
Playing by the Rules of Taskr!
On : September 23rd, 2014By : Shivya Gupta

When one decides to associate with any platform that performs the role of a facilitator between two parties , it is very natural for either of them to feel apprehensive about the dealings and take their own sweet time to adopt the spirit of faith towards the medium between them and the concerned party on the other side of the fence. The intermediary source has a lot of responsibility on their shoulders to keep the trust value intact in their sellers as well as buyers.

In order to make sure that operations at all ends run smoothly it is important to follow the prescribed rules of taskr to ensure smooth dealings between the freelancers and the businesspersons.

Deriving Credibility

How do we derive the credibility of Taskr as a medium ? By following the rules of Taskr and keeping them involved at all points of your interaction with your dealing party , you are only strengthening your relation with Taskr on a good level. This has been explained further in the following points:

1. Buyer’s Assurance

As far as the credibility of your seller goes, you can contact them through taskr messaging box and make the necessary enquiries regarding their work , quality , compensation etc. To see whether their work is upto mark you can ask for sample work as well. It is natural for the buyer to be skeptical whether he shall get the work that he asked for in terms of content and quality after making the advance payment. However, they can be rest assured as they can transfer the money from taskr to the seller only when they accept the work delivered by the freelancer. If freelancer fails to deliver or the work is not specified as per the task description , the money goes into their virtual credit with Taskr that can be utilized later.

2. A good day’s pay : Seller’s point of view

Most business deals are based on a word of faith . A freelancer’s job also being such , who promises his client to provide them with their required work of utmost quality and within the specified time limit. On the other hand , the businessman promises to pay the freelancer his due on delivery of his work. The freelancer too , can have full assurance of the fact that if they have done a job well , they shall not be deprived of their payment.

3. Taskr Intervention

If god forbid the situation arises of any spat , misunderstanding or disagreement with your party , Taskr can by all means behave as an arbitrator . However , if Taskr is not kept in the loop , they will not be able to provide any help or guidance to either of the party whatsoever. So , before registering yourself as a freelancer , or looking out for a freelancer for your business , go through the rules of Taskr thoroughly !

Safeguarding the interest of both the buyers and sellers is of supreme and primary importance to Taskr. The deal between two parties takes place as per their mode of convenience and requirements , and Taskr makes sure that if all the communication between the buyer and seller has happened on the Taskr platform , they have the right to intervene in case of any unfortunate feud. Although , this role becomes null and void in the absence of any communication on the Taskr platform between the two parties.

So , make sure you go through the service and privacy policy and the rules of taskr very well before you indulge yourself into the chain of business. Here is the link for both:



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