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Survival Tips When Hunting Freelancing Jobs!
Survival Tips When Hunting Freelancing Jobs!
On : July 9th, 2014By : Taskr.in

Freelancing is usually all about freedom. You can do your kind of thing, at your time, in your place, in your attire, at your leisure. But the one thing about freelancing jobs that strikes us a little later in time, is the fact that the freedom comes at a cost. You have a lot of freelancing jobs at one point and a month of void at another point.

Now there are two ways for a freelancer to look at this scenario

  • Its holiday time when I have no work. Yes! Time to ignore my unemployment and spend the money I earned. Bye-Bye India, Love me Bangkok! Or

  • Time to get some more freelancing jobs, as I am clearly not utilizing my full potential yet.

Yeah! Those are the most basic things to do. Otherwise you may sulk, cry or just Facebook your time away! If by any chance you are in the latter category and thinking about getting more freelancing jobs without a bucket full of tears; here are some really effective tips that will help your boat sail!

1. Do You Want to Build A Network?

Yes you should! Not the social network that lets you relax and find people to chill with. I am talking about the “freelancing circuit” where you need to dive headfast into. Talk to people and build relations with people who are looking for people with specialization in tasks that you do! Now how do you do that? Well, stop talking. Instead, listen to what people have to say. Contact them. Get in touch with their friends and so on, slowly and gradually watch the graph expand. And that’s the best way to work your way with referrals.

Of course, you can well utilize your social networks and the LinkedIn page that knows you so well. You can know more about work from folks who know you. They can surely help you build a stream of contacts on their own accord. Plus will always pitch for you! So its worth trying!

2. Be sure of your Talents

Sometimes it so happens that you are not applying in the best direction. You could be focussing on one or two skills and not even considering the other freelancing jobs that lie in abundance in the market. Ask yourself about your other talents that could help you bag another potential career.

Check out more jobs and places where you can work and invest time in growing! There is an endless list of talents that can help you acquire more demanding jobs in the market! Its time you looked up those to grow your portfolio of services!

3. Creativity for the show

If you have it, why don’t you show it? People want to pick the best for the tasks that they want done. Which is why, there is way too much competition in the freelancer arena! You need to carve a niche for yourself and make sure you get noticed in the crowd of so many! I don’t expect you to do something silly, just for the sake of recognition. That would be stupid and will surely earn you a bad name during recommendations. Instead, speak your personality. Like the video CVs that started quite a while back or the spiced signatures that people started embedding at the end of their mails, just to touch a nerve. Anyways, if you are good enough for the freelancing job you want to bag; you surely will give your mails a touch of your magic. And then grow where you supposedly should! Go Freelancers!

4. Promote and Market Yourself!

However much you might deny, you always need to tell people about yourself. You can’t just sit and expect to be discovered and be showered with a bazillion jobs! That doesn’t even happen in movies or books or anywhere at all! You have talents that can be offered as services. And people want to utilize these talents for the growth of their companies. Find the person who can link you. Or a site, or a trumpet that you can blow that screams your name. And now would be an excellent time to publicize our own name too! So do check out Taskr.in that is a portal helping freelancers find people who are looking for freelancers!

Chip in your About information and the work you have done previously whenever you reply to a job opening. Just make sure you always give it your best shot!

Infact, comment on this blog with the kind of freelancing job you can provide, several businesses are reading it simultaneously right now! You never know which opportunity knocks your door!

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