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Tips to Lead Your Social Media Outreach To Success!
Tips to Lead Your Social Media Outreach To Success!
On : August 8th, 2014By :

Once upon a time, the fourth estate was all about the newspapers, visual news channels, magazines, vouchers, catalogues; the likes of which grabbed people’s attention. But now it’s not anymore the only methodology to grab the attention of your target audience! Literally, with the internet; everything and everybody is on the web. So if you have the product ready and you finally want people to discover it; then social media is where you need to be! The challenge is how to do it right! The fact is we know how to get to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the likes; but are you doing enough? Or are you over doing it? Its time you got this right; so as to rock your Social Media Outreach and carve your niche (and get more customers!)

1. What is That Hashtag Again?

A majority of hashtags trending so widely today are a result of accidental stumbling over things that people love. But as a company you can’t depend on time and people to get a large following on your social media business hashtag. You need to set it out there. Manage the hashtag you want to associate your future posts with and products. And get your customer service to engage and like customer posts. Trust me, prompt responses can get you really reliable and long-time customers. Social media is great, if you handle it well.

2. The Viral Videos using social media

Putting up content on the site is no easy task. But what if you could glam up the content and make it available in a jiffy? Enter the age of videos and You Tube. Where everything is just a play button away. It could be a motivational video about how to make the best of your day to a sale or appealing product advertisement; as long it is short, crisp with audio visual affects; videos is the answer to lacking allure in your site!
It could even be a web series or a social experiment video featuring random strangers talking about one topic about your work. Or anything worth sharing that could up your presence in the social media market. But then, don’t overdo it. Too many videos and people will no longer take you seriously. Also don’t share stuff that is only semi-interesting. We don’t want to get blocked in the future, right?

3. The Landing Page Should Be Assuring

Make a common landing page from all your social media portals. Be it the tweet that welcomes users or the Facebook link that people share with each other. Everything needs to reel people back to one single place so that they feel familiar and in sync with your enterprise. The main motive of social media is to connect to people and make them happy in their skin when they are dealing with you.

You can also use social media tools to manage each of your social media profiles with ease. Use of the tool Hootsuite can help you to efficiently manage each of your profiles well.

4. SEO Ability Keeps You Steady

If there is one thing that is not ever going to stop being an important consideration in your life; it is Search Engine Optimization. As long as you are a marketer and an entrepreneur; SEO techniques will be the only way to survive and get you going. Even in social media the only way to bank on people’s liking you is by finding you. Invest in SEO specialization with all your heart and soul.

5. Clues for Curiosity!

Teaser trailers seem to leave more impact on social media sites than you can imagine. Creating intrigue via images posted with “The new summer collection! Coming soon!” surely pikes curiosity in prospective buyers tremendously! You give them a glimpse in your upcoming projects with prompt pictures, tags and one-liners; and they will follow as they want to know more.

Or you could even come up with a secretive project based on a single theme. Like an initiative about the different shades of blue or types of crockery available in the market! Anything to everything! As long as the anticipation is worth the build up! If you can post timely and manage the teasers well, social media will be a total buyer attracter!

In a nutshell, social media is the new place to be at! It could be a pain in the neck if you don’t utilize it well; but if you do, it’s a boon in disguise!

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