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Useful Gmail Tips – How To Make Your Business More Productive?
Useful Gmail Tips – How To Make Your Business More Productive?
On : October 31st, 2014By : Taskr.in

Gmail entered the industry in 2004 and very soon, it started dominating the market with its simplistic approach of uniqueness. The massive storage provided by Gmail was something that gave them an edge over the others. It has been 10 years now, and with its consistency, Gmail has proven itself to be the top email service provider.

In its process to constantly stay in the top league, it keeps on coming up with new and better features that not only aid individuals but also companies and firms. It has become the answer to so many email puzzles for your small firm. Gmail does provide an array of features, facets and interfaces to its user. However, there are so many hidden features that can be used by you to enhance your business productivity.

Wondering, where these features are hidden? Don’t worry! We will help you. Following are some of the useful (but less known) features that will transform your basic Gmail account to an ultimate email service for your company.

Reply To Everyone – Default

Sending the same email to multiple addresses is a messy job. But Gmail has taken care of this with its ‘Reply to everyone’ feature. Just in case, you are a part of frequent mass mails, do make sure you make your ‘reply all’ default. You can look for it in the settings under the tab called General, move towards ‘Reply Behavior’ and there you are, ‘Reply all’ is right in front of you!

Constructive Gmail tips – Setting Up Filters

There might be a quaint case when you do not want to see those emails from someone or some company but would like to receive them anyway. Just click on the down arrow button on the Search bar, fill in the necessary credentials like email ID or words, for which you want to set up filters. After you are done, click on ‘Create Filter with This Search.’ You can choose to keep it skip the inbox, mark as read, apply any particular label for easy detection and more. Click on ‘Create Filter’ and you are done!

Send Emails From Different Addresses

Head over to settings and select ‘Account and import’ tab. This will enable to send emails from multiple accounts in one go. In the section that says “Send mail as”, click on the button that reads ‘Add another email address you own’, where you can verify as well as add all your other email addresses.

Snooze Email

Some emails are ones that you want to read later. To do this, download an extension in Google Chrome is called the ‘Snooze Your Email for Gmail.’ This puts a firm hold on such particular emails for a few hours or days, then sprouts them back to the top with a reminder on your desktop as well proving to be one of the essential Gmail tips in today’s time.

Prioritize Your Inbox

Insignificant emails can swamp you down during your workdays. However, you can provide help to Gmail by educating it with appropriate messages that you feel are most important. Choose ‘Priority Inbox’ from Settings, and Gmail will wisely pick the most vital messages in your inbox and transport them to the top.

Use Gmail for Effective Customer Relationship Management

Gmail lets you amalgamate many efficient tools that are used for sales conversion and also for other customer oriented tasks like customers follow up, email-open rates monitor and creating letter templates. These tools and Gmail can be integrated with the help of signals by Streak, Hubspot, Boomerang, etc.

Bookmark Your Mails

Every message or email in Gmail has been provided its own unique URL. If you find yourself repeatedly referring to similar emails and don’t want to print them out, you can bookmark it to find it again in a flash anytime you want. Such Gmail tips prove to be vital at times when you need them.

We hope that these significant Gmail tips make a lasting impact on you and help you transform your online email business activities in the best possible manner.

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