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Useful Tips for Freelancers For Healthy Freelancing
Useful Tips for Freelancers For Healthy Freelancing
On : November 13th, 2014By : Taskr.in

A freelancer’s lifestyle is extremely hard. Along with that, managing mental health amidst daily concerns and deadlines can be astoundingly overpowering. Working as a freelancer has its fair share of benefits and downsides. When it comes to taking care of oneself and your mental health, it sure is ignored when you are engulfed with so many ongoing assignments.

On one hand, it’s amazingly useful to be able to make your own work schedule and hours. If in case, you are having a really bad and unproductive day, you know that you can always take a few hours off. Have a nice break for yourself and finish up a project later that night or over the next few days.

For you to handle these pitfalls can be very taxing. However, a few tips can keep you not only productive, but healthy at the same time. This will help you even during the tides and waves of freelance assignments and flow of freelance work spin around you.

Working from home sure has its plus sides, but there are equal and great levels of health risks as well. Constant typing or using the mouse is awfully terrible for your wrists and your thumbs. Also, long hours of sitting on the laptop cause your legs to cramp. Fortunately, through some very useful tips for freelancers, you can keep your brain fresh and active to keep those thinking caps flipping! Read ahead to refresh your minds:

Breathe In, Breathe Out

There are many different ways to feel relaxed and ease your mind so that ideas can smoothly pour in and out. Meditation is one of them. Meditating and good breathing exercises can help you ponder upon yourself and your hidden abilities. It is a good healthy way of introspecting too. Post meditation you can actually feel the freshness running through your veins making you feel enormously calm. This is one of the most popular and tried and tested tips for freelancers.

Keep Moving

When you’ve been working stationed at a single place for hours, it seems hard to even move, but just placing your feet on the ground is a grounding enough feeling (pun intended). If your working days don’t involve human interaction or moving out of your workstation, then you need to take rest in between. Move a bit, take a walk, get some fresh air and soak in some sun.

Connections Galore – One of the Useful Tips for FreelancersInteract with people who do the same things as you. Maybe you can assist each other with ideas. You could also brainstorm together and share each other’s profound idea towards productive results. Sometimes, leaving all the work behind and just grabbing a seat beside a window to sip coffee together over a small chat is great too. It helps you unwind and catch up. If you prefer the digital route, Facebook and Twitter chats are also great ways to communicate over the screen. Video calls also are a virtual meeting.

Shake A Leg

Nothing gets the ball rolling like a good session of exercise. Sweating it out just makes the blood flow rush through your brain and make you feel like you have had a fresh stock of blood pumping in. You could join an aerobics or dance class few times a week. An hour or two with the machines at the gymnasium also help you. Exercise makes you come alive and it is the perfect aid to a boring day along with being one of the lucrative tips for freelancers.

Settings > Mind > Off

This isn’t a very popular idea, but it sure is effective. It is obvious that if you don’t work, you don’t get paid. But one of the perquisites of setting your own working hours is that even if you go outside for a bit or catch up on your sleep. You can ultimately recompense for that time lost. Find out what works best for your mind. It doesn’t have to be a fixed nine to six, Monday through Saturday, and you shouldn’t make yourself feel shoddier, if you need a few hours to yourself. Trust yourself that you’ll get the work done, on time and as a great output. Set your mind off for a few hours and take a break!

We hope that these simple tips for freelancers are helpful to you for a mentally healthy lifestyle, as a freelancer. It isn’t easy, but we do have our own perks. Why not make use of them and still yield the best results. After all, you are your own boss, right!

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