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Wondering how to make the Taskr bucks!
Wondering how to make the Taskr bucks!
On : May 14th, 2014By : Taskr.in

Laptop? Check. High – speed internet connection? Check. Dedication and will power to make it big? Check. Love the work you do? Check Check check!
You are the right candidate for listing your services on Taskr.in! You are ready to make money as a Taskr through our marketplace. You’re just not sure how to do it!

It is possible to earn your living by freelancing and promoting your services. Simply follow the below mentioned steps to attain success in this arena.

1. Firstly, Shortlist the kind of tasks you are capable of performing

Knowing the skill set you possess is the first step you can take towards short listing the tasks that you can execute on a marketplace.

2. Create your niche

Marketplaces are indeed like malls where people purchase products and services from the most outstanding service that catches the eye of the buyer. You can definitely attract audience attention and command a higher price for your offering if you are a subject matter expert!

3. Be Precise in listing your task

Attention to detail would definitely go a long way in making your services crystal clear to the buyer viewing your task. Be as accurate and crisp in your description of the offering for attracting higher footfall to your page and thereby, higher conversion.

4. Deliver the promised

Don’t you love the whooshing sound deadlines make as they go by! Nothing is more crucial than delivering the work promised and adhering to the prescribed timeline.

5. Focus on achieving repeat orders

The well-satisfied customer will definitely bring the repeat sale that counts! Doing good timely work and maintaining a rapport with the client would lead to achieving continuous business.

6. Cross-promote your offering on Taskr

An extra word spread is an extra buck earned! Cross -promote your taskr listing among your friends, relatives and clients, social media and mention the same on your blog for attracting more visitors to order your tasks.

7. Buddy up

Adding value to your services is something that can set you apart from others with your skill set, and if that means partnering up with someone who can do something you can’t, then you should consider it.

You don’t know if you’re good enough. You don’t know if this option will work for you. You don’t know if you should really work that extra bit to make those taskr bucks!

Well you should clear your attitude of all those excuses and get started already! Excusing yourself from working for what you love doing, is like excusing yourself from eating the chocolate infront of you because you don’t know which piece to break!

Even if this is not the place for you, there is nothing to lose! So get going. Get your act straight and start from here. Sign up with Taskr today!

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